Ph.D. Thesis

  1. PERL - A Register-less Processor, P. Suresh. The question posed in this thesis is how relevant are the registers in modern processors. Why should one have registers in the processors especially in light of register renaming and caches. It has been shown that by not having the registers in the processors, compilers are simplified. In addition the hardware for decoding the register address space and associated handling of data dependencies gets simplified. The performance of such a system is generally better than the register counterparts.
  2. Privacy-enhanced location-based services. Apurba Sarkar. This thesis is aimed at developing a security architecture framework for defining the security needs to protect privacy of data in a location-based service. (Ongoing).
  3. Models for election cash-less transactions with localized protocols. Satyam Sharma. This thesis is aimed at using verifiable, trusted and tamper proof services for electronic cash-less transactions in customer-merchant relationship. (Ongoing).

M.Tech. Theses

  1. Sudhanshu Shukla, Library for smart card applicaiton development (ongoing)
  2. N Karthik, SCOSTA-PKI (ongoing)
  3. Rohit Agrawal, Secure version control system in networked environment(ongoing)
  4. Dharmendra Modi, Secure version control server with transcrypt in networked environment(ongoing)
  5. Transferable E-Cash Without Observer, Kamlesh Tiwari, August 2009
  6. TransCrypt File Server Enhancements for Secure Remote Access, K A Salih, July 2009
  7. Solution Architecture for Access Control System in Military Environment, Ankur Kulshrestha, July 2009
  8. Smart Card Layout and Authentication Protocol for Access Control in Military Application, Vinod Vasudevan, July 2009
  9. Framework for accessing TransCrypt File System over untrusted network, Abhay Arun Khoje, July 2009
  10. Secure and Cost Effective Transaction Model for Financial Services, Nitin Munjal, July 2009
  11. Generic Bus Transaction Logging for Sim-nML Based Functional Simulator, Amit Hemant Kulkarni, July 2009
  12. Bus Transaction Log Graphing Tool for Hardware-Software Co-Design Applications, Nachiket Vishwas Bhave, July 2009
  13. Automated Pre-authorization System for Health Insurance, Rahul Prabhakar Kulkarni, July 2009
  14. RSA based Confidentiality and Integrity Enhancements in SCOSTA-CL, Dhiraj Nilkanthrao Gedam, July 2009
  15. Linux Device Drivers for Smart Card Interfaces in Handheld Smart Card Terminal, M Ravibabu, July 2009
  16. Patching Mechanism and Enhancements in SCOSTA Smart Card Operating System, Anshul Data, July 2009
  17. RFID-based Mailbag and Article Tracking System, Ali Mohsin Abbas Ali Ranalvi, July 2009
  18. Debug Support for Retargetable Simulator FSim Using GDB, Hemanth Shinde. 2008.
  19. Design and Implementation of an OSD System and Prefetching Models, S Riyaz. 2008.
  20. File System Independent Metadata Organization for TransCrypt, Arun Raghvan. 2008 (with Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi).
  21. A Device Mapper based Encryption Layer for TransCrypt, V Sainath. 2008 (with Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi).
  22. SmartRF: A Flexible and Light-weight RFID Middleware, Anirudha Ghayal (with Dr. A R Harish). 2008.
  23. Generic RFID Application Framework, Zuber Khan. 2008 (with Dr. A R Harish).
  24. Implementation of SCOSTA-CL based Smart Card Operating System (SCSOS), Deepak Shahji Nagawade. 2008.
  25. Design and Implementation of Public Key Infrastructure on Smart Card Operating System, Aditi Gupta. 2008.
  26. Ktrace: A Framework for Tracing the Linux Kernel, Navdeep Bhulli. 2007 (with Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi)
  27. A Transparent Bulk Encryption Device, Mohit Mangal. 2007
  28. Kmote: Design and Implementation of a low-cost, low-power Hardware Platform for Wireless Sensor Networks, Naveen Madabhushi. 2007 (with Drs. B. Raman and C. Kameshwari)
  29. Disassembly and Parsing Support for Retargetable Tools Using Sim-nML, Nitin Kumar Dhara. 2007
  30. Key Management for TransCrypt, Abhijit Bagri. 2007 (with Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi)
  31. Verilog-to-C-Compiler: Simulator Generator, Anand Vivek Srivastava. 2007
  32. TransCrypt: Design of a Secure and Transparent Encrypting File System, Satyam Sharma. 2006 (with Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi)
  33. Functional Simulation Using Sim-nML, Surendra Kumar Vishnoi. 2006
  34. Development of an Operating System for Smart Cards, S. Ravinder, with Dr. Deepak Gupta, 2002.
  35. Userdev: A Framework for user level device drivers in Linux, V. Harikrishna, with Dr. Deepak Gupta, 2002.
  36. ISCII-HTML document support for existing Internet browsers, Ashok Bhat. 2002.
  37. Generic Disassembler using Processor Models, Prithvi Pal Singh Bisht. 2002.
  38. Iterm - Multilingual X-Windows Indian Script Terminal, Jyotirmoy Saikia, 2002.
  39. High Level Synthesis from Sim-nML Processor Specifications, Souvik Basu. 2001.
  40. Generation of GCC Backend from Sim-nML Processor Description, Soubhik Bhattacharya. 2001 (with Dr. S. K. Aggarwal).
  41. An approach towards Real-time Distance Education using Web Server Streaming, Ashwini Damle. 2001.
  42. NFS Extensions for Transparent Access to Remote Devices, Avinash Vyas. 2001 (with Dr. Deepak Gupta)
  43. Instruction Cache Address Prediction for Superscalar Processors, Shankar Seal. 2001.
  44. Generation of Assemblers Using High Level Processor Models, Sarika Kumari. 2000.
  45. Speaker Independent Isolated Digit Voice Recognition Using Discrete Hidden Markov Model, K Vasudeva Rao. 2000.
  46. Implementation of MPEG-2 Video Decoder using an associative array processor, Samarpit Bhatia. 2000.
  47. Retargetable Profiling Tools and their Application in Cache Simulation and Code Instrumentation, A R Rajeev. 1999.
  48. Implementation of an MPEG-2 Video Decoder, Subhendu Bhadra. 1999.
  49. Retargetable Functional simulator, Y Subhaschandra. 1999.
  50. µItron Interface for a Generic Modular Embedded Operating System Platform, A. Sridhar. 1999.
  51. A Web-based Search Engine for Indian Languages, Manoj K Malviya, Jointly with Prof. T.V. Prabhakar. 1999.
  52. Disassembler using High Level Processor Models, Nihal C Jain. 1998.
  53. Design and Implementation of a File System with on-the-fly Data Compression for Unix, B. Praveen. 1998 (with Dr. Deepak Gupta).
  54. Architectural Enhancements in PERL processor, Suraj K Bhatnagar. 1998.
  55. A Generic Approach to Performance Modeling and Its Application to Simulator Generator, V. Rajesh. 1998.
  56. Iterm - Indian terminal emulator for X, Nitu Choudhary. 1997.
  57. A Modular Kernel Architecture for Embedded Systems, Kshitiz Krishna. 1997.
  58. Application Specific Integrated Circuit for Electrical Instrumentation Processor, Milind Parab. 1997.
  59. Design and Simulation of PERL RISC, T S Balaji. 1997.
  60. C Compiler and Cache Performance Studies for PERL RISC Processor, Ramana Kumar. 1997.
  61. Process migration for load balancing, M L Prasanna Kumar Reddy. 1996.
  62. A Reliable Network Boot Service for PCs, Bhartendu Sinha. 1996.
  63. A Generic File System Interface for Embedded Kernels, R Ganeshan. 1996.
  64. Remote Booting of Networked PCs, T J Manjunath. 1994 (with Prof. G. Barua)
  65. Program Development Environment for Twine RISC, Shyam Sundar Palreddy. 1994 (with Dr. S K Aggarwal).
  66. A Multitasking Kernel under MSDOS, Y S S Krishna. 1994.
  67. Design of ADSP 2100-based Multiprocessor Array, Mirza Mohd. Sufyan Beg. 1994 (with Prof. A. Mahanta)
  68. Remote Multiple Access of CDROM Information over a Network of DOS PCs, Navdeep Sood. 1994 (with Dr. K R Srivatsan).
  69. Design and Implementation of a Link Adapter for Circuit Switched Multicomputer Networks, Indraneel Sarkar. 1993.
  70. Design of Twine-RISC, Dinesh Rao B. 1993.
  71. Design and Implementation of a 32 bit VLSI RISC Architecture, Anil Kumar. 1993.
  72. The Frontend of a SISAL Compiler, Riyaz V P. 1993 (with Dr. S K Aggarwal)
  73. Design and Implementation of Distributed Programming Primitives for Workstations, Harshad G Parekh. 1992.
  74. Design and Implementation of KIMS Multicomputer System, Bhaskar Chowdhuri. 1992 (with Dr. R.N. Biswas).
  75. Twine RISC: Architecture and Performance Evaluation Study, Dhiren Patel. 1992.
  76. General Purpose Simulator for Multicomputer Architectures, Y. Jayashri. 1992.
  77. Implementation of UNIX on a Message Passing Architecture, B S Pawa, 1991. IISc Bangalore.

B.Tech. Projects

  1. An E-Passport Application using Smart Cards and RF, Cherian Varkey Mathew, shruti Sanadhya, Siddhart Sodhani. 2008
  2. Using Personal Electronic Device for Authentication-based Service Access, Vikas Gelara, 2008.
  3. Swimming pool front desk implementation using smart card base ID card, Pushpendra Kumar, 2008
  4. Design of an embedded board using ARM processor, with support for Smart Card Interface, Nishith Khantal, Aditya Gupta. 2008.
  5. Implementation of Breakpoints in GDB for Sim-nML based Architectures, Amit Gaurav 2007.
  6. A daemon for secure smart card support in the encrypted file system Transcrypt, Deeptanshu Shukla. 2007 (with Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi)
  7. Smart Card based application for IITK Swimming Pool management, Ankur Mittal. 2007.
  8. Public Key Infrastructure in SCOSTA, Venkata Rao Pedapati and Sri Simil Dutta. 2007.
  9. Issues with designing a dual core processor with a shared L2 cache on a Xilinx FPGA board, V Bhanu Chandra, Varun Sharma. 2007 (with Dr. Mainak Choudhury)
  10. Memory Profiling in Sim-nML, Bhupesh Chandra. 2007.
  11. Memory Management using Dynamic Memory Switching, Sharad Chole and Sanchay Harneja. 2007.
  12. Hardware Implementation of a Flight Control System for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Pankaj Maurya. 2006.
  13. Implementing the Security Module of a Smart card Operating System, Ankit Jalote and Marghoob Mohiyuddin, 2002. With Dr. Deepak Gupta
  14. Linux for Indian Languages, Aravind Menon and Gaurav Gupta, 2002
  15. Debugger for HW/SW Cosimulation Environment, Mayank Gupta, 2001
  16. Microprocessor modeling for Retargetable Timing Simulation, Anand Shukla and Arvind Giridhar Sarraf, 2001
  17. NGTCP : Next Generation Transmission Control Protocol, Ambarish Narayan Gupta and Sandeep Gupta, With Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi. 2000
  18. Scanning and Processing of Forms, Sushanta Kumar Nanda and Nishit Verma, 2000
  19. Manish Tewari and B.S. Gill, A Protocol for implementing push on the Internet, 1999
  20. Mukul Gupta, Automatic 3D unstructured Mesh Generator, 1999
  21. P Ranjan and Saket Saurabh, Firmware for a PowerPC Kit, 1999
  22. Mandeep Singh, Voice Recognition, 1999
  23. Rohit Toshniwal, Computer Telephony, 1999
  24. Ashish Kumar and Naveen Prakash, Processor Modeling, 1998
  25. Rohit Grover, Pentium Dissassembler for Linux OS, 1998
  26. Anup Jayadevan and Chandan, Process and Memory Manager for an Embedded Operating System, 1998
  27. Manu Thambi, A Scheme for transfer and execution of architecture independent procedures, 1997
  28. Rahul Shinde, Distributed Make, 1997
  29. Rahul Tripathy and Richendra Khanna, Remote booting of Linux on a PC. 1997
  30. Mukesh Prasad Singh and Neelkanth Mishra, The Virtual Director, 1997
  31. Saurabh Kumar, Name translation using domain name system, 1996
  32. Kaling Tayeng, Laser printer accounting, 1996
  33. Suman Banerjee, Design of a parallel programming environment, 1996
  34. Vinay K. Choubey, Enhancements of lpr, 1996
  35. Shailesh Jain, Devanagri terminal under windows 3.1, 1996
  36. Nimar S. Arora and Geeta Tarachandani, Handwritten Character Recognition using transformational approach, 1996
  37. Gautam Dharamshi, Photo I-card, 1996
  38. Ranjit Matthew, An intelligent dissassembler for the intel 80x86 CPUs, 1996
  39. Prashant Parikh and S. Pradeep, Developing an assembler and dissassembler for transputer, 1994
  40. Ramesh Kumar Gupta, Performance Evaluation of Switching Networks, 1994
  41. Manzour Ali, lgi: LaTeX Graphics Interface, 1994

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