Research Group

Zeyu Guo (web, dblp)

Prateek Dwivedi
Pranjal Dutta
(on Google PhD Fellowship'18)
Pranav Bisht

Ashish Dwivedi
Sumanta Ghosh
Amit K. Sinhababu
Arpita Korwar (Polynomial identity testing and lower bounds for sum of special arithmetic branching programs, 2017 [pdf])
Rohit Gurjar (Derandomizing PIT for ROABP and isolation lemma for special graphs, 2016 [pdf])

Abhibhav Garg
Abhiroop Sanyal
Subhayan Saha
Pranjal Dutta
(Discovering the roots: Unifying and extending results on multivariate polynomial factoring in algebraic complexity, 2018 [pdf])
Pranav Bisht (On Hitting Sets for Special Depth-4 Circuits, 2017 [pdf])

Ashish Dwivedi (On the Complexity of Hilbert's Nullstellensatz over Positive Characteristic, 2017 [pdf])
Kartik Kale
(Exp(n+d)-time Algorithms for Computing Division, GCD and Identity Testing of Polynomials, 2017 [pdf])
Shubham Sahai Srivastava
Ashutosh Tiwari (Cubic forms equivalence over complex, 2016 [pdf])
Rishabh Vaid (Blackbox Identity Testing for Simple Depth 3 Circuits, 2015 [pdf])
Anurag Pandey (Algebraic independence: Criteria and structural results over diverse fields, 2015 [pdf])
Amit K. Sinhababu (Testing algebraic independence of polynomials over finite fields, 2014 [pdf])
Pritam Majumder (Uniqueness of factorization in quadratic fields, 2014 [pdf])

Abhibhav Garg (On Algebraic dependence, 2018 [pdf])
Tushant Mittal (Algebraic independence, 2017 [pdf])
Shaswat Chaubey (Lower-bounds & learning algorithms, 2016 [pdf])
Abhimanyu Yadav (Luks' graph isomorphism, 2016 [pdf]) (Babai's graph isomorphism, 2016 [pdf])
Himanshu Shukla (Generalized form of Burgess lemma, 2015 [pdf]) (C-Z type algorithm for factoring over finite fields, 2016 [pdf])
Vishwas Bhargav (Square root modulo p, 2015)
Anurag Sahay (Additive Combinatorics and Incidence Geometry: The Kakeya Problem, 2014 [pdf])
Vijay Keswani (Additive Combinatorics and Incidence Geometry: The Szemeredi-Trotter Theorem, 2014 [pdf])
Kundan Kumar (Deterministic Polynomial Factorisation Over a Finite Field, 2014 [pdf])

Research assistants
Devashish Sonowal, Summer'18
Abhiroop Sanyal, Summer'17
Subhayan Saha, Summer'17, '18
Shivani Kumari, Summer'17
Vishwas Bhargav, Jun'16--Jul'17
Rahul Hirwani, Summer'16
Akash Jena, Summer'16
Pranjal Dutta, Summer'15

Group in Bonn (2008-2013)

Peter Scheiblechner, 2011-12


Manuel Arora (Extensibility of association schemes and GRH-based deterministic polynomial factoring, 2013 [pdf])
Johannes Mittmann (Independence in Algebraic Complexity Theory, 2013 [pdf])

Manuel Arora (Theory of m-schemes and applications to polynomial factoring, 2010 [pdf])
Jesse Beisegel (Additive Combinatorics, Addition Cayley graphs and Hamiltonicity, 2012 [pdf])
Nils Frohberg (Sylvester-Gallai theorems and identities over R, 2010 [pdf])
Jesko Hüttenhain (From Sylvester-Gallai configurations to branched coverings, 2012 [pdf])
Leonhard Schneider (Equivalence of quantum and classical computation in interactive proof systems and refereed games, 2012 [pdf])
Lars Wallenborn (Computing the Hilbert symbol, quadratic form equivalence and integer factoring, 2013 [pdf])

Kathrin Sayk (Key Distribution, 2011 [pdf])
Jens Ziegler (Smoothed analysis of the TSP algorithms, 2012 [pdf])

Research assistants
Malte Beecken, 2009-11