Research Group

Zeyu Guo (web, dblp) (2017-19)

Anindya Ganguly
Diptajit Roy
Bhargav CS
Prateek Dwivedi
Pranjal Dutta
(on Google PhD Fellowship'18)
Pranav Bisht

Ashish Dwivedi
Sumanta Ghosh (Low variate polynomials: Hitting-sets and Bootstrapping, 2019 [pdf])
Amit K. Sinhababu (Power series in complexity: Algebraic Dependence, Factor Conjecture and Hitting Set for Closure of VP, 2019 [pdf])
Arpita Korwar (Polynomial identity testing and lower bounds for sum of special arithmetic branching programs, 2017 [pdf])
Rohit Gurjar (Derandomizing PIT for ROABP and isolation lemma for special graphs, 2016 [pdf])

Sanyam Agarwal
Sagnik Dutta
Sayak Chakrabarti
Devansh Shringi
Abhibhav Garg (Special case algorithms for Nullstellensatz and transcendence degree, 2020 [pdf])
Abhiroop Sanyal (Sum of powers of univariate polynomials in algebraic complexity theory, 2020 [pdf])
Subhayan Saha (Towards a PIT for log-variate ROABPs, 2020 [pdf])
Pranjal Dutta
(Discovering the roots: Unifying and extending results on multivariate polynomial factoring in algebraic complexity, 2018 [pdf])
Pranav Bisht (On Hitting Sets for Special Depth-4 Circuits, 2017 [pdf])

Ashish Dwivedi (On the Complexity of Hilbert's Nullstellensatz over Positive Characteristic, 2017 [pdf])
Kartik Kale
(Exp(n+d)-time Algorithms for Computing Division, GCD and Identity Testing of Polynomials, 2017 [pdf])
Ashutosh Tiwari (Cubic forms equivalence over complex, 2016 [pdf])
Rishabh Vaid (Blackbox Identity Testing for Simple Depth 3 Circuits, 2015 [pdf])
Anurag Pandey (Algebraic independence: Criteria and structural results over diverse fields, 2015 [pdf])
Amit K. Sinhababu (Testing algebraic independence of polynomials over finite fields, 2014 [pdf])
Pritam Majumder (Uniqueness of factorization in quadratic fields, 2014 [pdf])

Sayak Chakrabarti (On factorization and root counting modulo prime powers, 2020 [pdf])
Rishabh Batra (Integer & polynomial factoring ideas, 2020 [pdf])
Devansh Shringi (PIT for depth-4 bounded top & bottom fanin, 2020 [pdf] [pdf])
Shubhojyoti Nath (The Complexity of Hilbert's Nullstellensatz, 2019 [pdf])
Abhibhav Garg (On Algebraic dependence, 2018 [pdf])
Tushant Mittal (Algebraic independence, 2017 [pdf])
Shaswat Chaubey (Lower-bounds & learning algorithms, 2016 [pdf])
Abhimanyu Yadav (Luks' graph isomorphism, 2016 [pdf]) (Babai's graph isomorphism, 2016 [pdf])
Himanshu Shukla (Generalized form of Burgess lemma, 2015 [pdf]) (C-Z type algorithm for factoring over finite fields, 2016 [pdf])
Vishwas Bhargav (Square root modulo p, 2015)
Anurag Sahay (Additive Combinatorics and Incidence Geometry: The Kakeya Problem, 2014 [pdf])
Vijay Keswani (Additive Combinatorics and Incidence Geometry: The Szemeredi-Trotter Theorem, 2014 [pdf])
Kundan Kumar (Deterministic Polynomial Factorisation Over a Finite Field, 2014 [pdf])

Research assistants
Sagnik Dutta, Summer'19
Anupam Datta, Summer'19
Yashaswi Patel, Summer'19
Devashish Sonowal, Summer'18
Abhiroop Sanyal, Summer'17
Subhayan Saha, Summer'17, '18
Shivani Kumari, Summer'17
Vishwas Bhargav, Jun'16--Jul'17
Rahul Hirwani, Summer'16
Akash Jena, Summer'16
Pranjal Dutta, Summer'15
Shubham Sahai Srivastava, '14--'15

Group in Bonn (2008-2013)

Peter Scheiblechner, 2011-12


Manuel Arora (Extensibility of association schemes and GRH-based deterministic polynomial factoring, 2013 [pdf])
Johannes Mittmann (Independence in Algebraic Complexity Theory, 2013 [pdf])

Manuel Arora (Theory of m-schemes and applications to polynomial factoring, 2010 [pdf])
Jesse Beisegel (Additive Combinatorics, Addition Cayley graphs and Hamiltonicity, 2012 [pdf])
Nils Frohberg (Sylvester-Gallai theorems and identities over R, 2010 [pdf])
Jesko Hüttenhain (From Sylvester-Gallai configurations to branched coverings, 2012 [pdf])
Leonhard Schneider (Equivalence of quantum and classical computation in interactive proof systems and refereed games, 2012 [pdf])
Lars Wallenborn (Computing the Hilbert symbol, quadratic form equivalence and integer factoring, 2013 [pdf])

Kathrin Sayk (Key Distribution, 2011 [pdf])
Jens Ziegler (Smoothed analysis of the TSP algorithms, 2012 [pdf])

Research assistants
Malte Beecken, 2009-11