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MTech Projects

(*) : Tentative title for work in progress.



  1. Praveen Singh: Automated Repair of Programs in Introductory Programming Courses. (Thesis available by request)
  2. Ziyaan Dadachanji: Automated Feedback and Grading for Programs in Introductory Programming Courses. (Thesis available by request)
  3. 2014-15

  4. Swapnil Mahajan (Jointly with Prof Arnab Bhattacharya): DB Projector: A Web-based Tool for Querying, Analysis and Visualization of Data. (Thesis available by request)
  5. Sagar Parihar (Jointly with Prof Arnab Bhattacharya): Automated Grading Tool for Introductory Programming. [PDF, 1160k]
  6. Mohit Bhadade: Online Tutoring System for Learning Parsing Techniques. [PDF, 1418k]
  7. Nimisha Agrawal: A Tool for Teaching Parsing Techniques. [PDF, 849k]
  8. Ashwini Kshitij (Jointly with Prof Subhajit Roy): Interprocedural Concolic Execution: An Application to Improve Test Case Generation. [PDF, 997k]
  9. Rajdeep Das (Jointly with Dr Sumit Gulwani, MSR Redmond): A Platform for Data Analysis and Tutoring for Introductory Programming. [PDF, 1731k]
  10. Naman Bansal (Jointly with Dr Sumit Gulwani, MSR Redmond): Translating Natural Language Propositions To First Order Logic. (Thesis available by request)
  11. Kamna: CRINK: Improved Automatic CUDA Code Generation for Affine C Programs [PDF, 1590k]
  12. Nitin Sharma (Jointly with Dr Dipankar Das, Intel Labs): Improving Loop Execution using Precise B/F Ratio Calculation. (Thesis available by request)
  13. 2013-14

  14. Akanksha Singh (Jointly with Prof Sanjeev Kr Aggarwal): CRINK: Automatic C to CUDA Code Generation for Affine Programs. [PDF, 1876k]
  15. Amruta Adewar (Jointly with Prof Sanjeev Kr Aggarwal):A Framework for Generation of Parallelizing Transformers from Specifications. [PDF, 417k]
  16. Pankaj More: Hot Code Reloading in Cloud Haskell. [PDF, 294k]
  17. Sonam Tiwari (Jointly with Prof Subhajit Roy): Automatic Generation of Testcases for High MCDC Coverage. [PDF, 2291k]
  18. Vineet Hingorani (Jointly with Prof Subhajit Roy): Automating Dictionary Mappings for Translating Natural Language Descriptions to Domain Specific Language Programs. [PDF, 858k]
  19. Vilay Kandi: Liveness based Garbage Collection for Java. [PDF, 1720k]
  20. Nikhil Pangarkar: Improving Liveness based Garbage Collection for Java. [PDF, 1241k]
  21. 2012-13

  22. Sailesh Kumar Raju R: Applying Machine Learning to Rank Domain-specific Logical Expressions of Natural Language Descriptions. [PDF, 1365k]
  23. Shruti Jadon (Student of Banasthali University): Detection of Code Clones using Machine Learning.
  24. 2011-12

  25. Rahul Gupta
  26. Siddarth Agrawal: Functional SMT solving: a new interface for programmers. [PDF, 604k]
  27. Pritesh Agrawal: Parallelizing LINQ program for GPGPU. [PDF, 1534k]
  28. Pankaj Pawan (Jointly with Dr Francesco Zappa Nardelli): Random Testing for Concurrency Compiler Bugs. [PDF, 2436k]
  29. Vinay Kr Reddy: Field Sensitive Shape Analysis : Implementation and Improvements. [PDF, 518k]
  30. Saravana P: Improving GCC Retargetability. [PDF, 751k]
  31. Subhash Kale: QuickEval: An Interactive Tool for Coverage Based Testing of Haskell Programs. [PDF, 941k]
  32. 2010-11

  33. V Praveen Reddy
  34. Sandeep Dasgupta (Jointly with Prof Sanjeev Kr Aggarwal): Precise Shape Analysis using Field Sensitivity. [PDF, 427k]
  35. Barnali Basak (Jointly with Prof Sanjeev Kr Aggarwal): Heap Dependence Analysis for Sequential Programs. [PDF, 325k]