Swarnendu Biswas

Swarnendu Biswas

Assistant Professor
CSE , IIT Kanpur

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Address: KD 302, Department of CSE,
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur, UP 208016.
Email: swarnendu [AT] cse.iitk.ac.in
Phone: +91-512-2592055


My areas of interest are Programming Languages, Compilers and Runtime Systems, and Parallel Software Systems.

I lead the PROgramming LanguageS and PARallel Systems (PROSPAR) research group. Our group works on ideas to help build efficient and scalable parallel software. You can read more about our group and related research at the PROSPAR web page.

Recent Publications

EMSOFT 2022 An MILP Encoding for Efficient Verification of Quantized Deep Neural Networks
PMAM 2022 Efficient Data Race Detection of Async-Finish Programs Using Vector Clocks
arXiv 2021 Predictive Data Race Detection for GPUs
EMSOFT 2021 Thermal-aware Adaptive Platform Management for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems
DUAC 2021 Explaining the Performance of Supervised and Semi-Supervised Methods for Automated Sparse Matrix Format Selection
arXiv 2021 Neat: Low-Complexity, Efficient On-Chip Cache Coherence
PACT 2020 A Methodology for Principled Approximation in Visual SLAM
ASPLOS 2020 Peacenik: Architecture Support for Not Failing under Fail-Stop Memory Consistency
VLSID 2020 Thermal Load-aware Adaptive Scheduling for Heterogeneous Platforms
CACM 2019 An Elementary Introduction to Kalman Filtering
PACT 2019 SLAMBooster: An Application-aware Controller for Approximation in SLAM
IPDPS 2019 Rethinking Support for Region Conflict Exceptions
IEEE Software 2019 Proteus: Language and Runtime Support for Self-Adaptive Software Development
WAX 2018 KinectFusion on Steroids

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CS 335 Compiler Design 2023-2024-II, 2022-2023-II, 2019-2020-II
CS 610 Programming for Performance 2023-2024-I, 2022-2023-I, 2020-2021-I, 2019-2020-I
ESC 101 Fundamentals of Computing 2021-2022-I
CS 636 Analysis of Concurrent Programs 2020-2021-II, 2018-2019-II