Swarnendu Biswas

Swarnendu Biswas

Assistant Professor
CSE, IIT Kanpur

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KD-302, Department of CSE,
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur, UP 208016.

Email: swarnendu [AT] cse.iitk.ac.in
Phone: +91-512-2592055


My areas of interest are Programming Languages, Compilers and Runtime Systems, Software Systems, and Computer Architecture.

I am looking for motivated UG and PG students who are interested in research in the general area of programming languages and software systems. Please feel free to stop by my office to talk, or email me for discussions.

I was a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Keshav Pingali at UT Austin. For my postdoctoral work, I worked on optimal control of approximate programs using domain-specific knowledge and machine learning. We also worked on optimal resource allocation problems in heterogeneous environments.

I did my PhD with Dr. Michael Bond at Ohio State. My research focused on analyzing concurrency correctness issues (such as atomicity violations and data races) in multi-threaded programs. I also worked on devising runtime techniques to strengthen existing programming language memory models by providing strong semantic guarantees even for programs with data races.



IIT Kanpur

Semester 2018-2019-II: CS 636: Analysis of Concurrent Programs

Ohio State University

Winter Quarter 2012: CSE 202: Introduction to Programming and Algorithms for Engineers and Scientists U 4



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Updated: 14th February 2019.