[January 2018] A paper on charging station placement for robotic applications accepted in ICRA 2018.

[December 2017] I am in the program committee of EMSOFT 2018.

[December 2017] A paper on receding horizon multi-robot coverage planning accepted in ICCPS 2018.

[July 2016] Received Microsoft Azure Research Award Grant.

[July 2016] I am in the program committee of HSCC 2018.

[July 2017] Delivered a talk on multi-robot task and motion planning at CyPhySS2017 in IISc, Bangalore.

[July 2017] A paper on satisfiability modulo convex programming based multi-robot motion planning accepted in CDC 2017.

[June 2017] A paper on multi-robot task server accepted in EMSOFT 2017.

[April 2017] I am part of MHRD IMPRINT Program and Indian Railways funded project titled “FMSAFE: A Networked Centre for Formal Methods in Validation and Certification Procedures for Safety Critical ICT Systems”.

[December 2016] A paper on distributed mobile robotics accepted in ICCPS 2017.

[November 2016] I am in the program committee of ATVA 2017.

[July 2016] A paper on scalable motion planning accepted in CDC 2016

[July 2016] I am in the program committee of HSCC 2017.

[July 2016] Project titled "A Framework for Synthesizing Robust Motion Primitives for UAVs" has been funded by DST SERB with a budget of INR 50 lakhs.

[June 2016] A book on Analog Electronic Circuits has been published by New Age International.

[March 2016] Received a DAAD grant for a research stay at MPI-SWS.

[December 2015] A paper on motion planning for multi-robot systems was accepted in ICCPS 2016.

[July 2015] I joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Kanpur

[December 2014] Our paper on dynamic scheduling for networked control systems was accepted in HSCC 2015.

[May 2014] A paper on multi-robot motion planning from safe LTL specifiaction was accepted in IROS 2014.

[January 2014] I was in the program committee of EMSOFT 2014.

[July2013] I joined the ExCAPE project and moved to UC Berkeley.

[April 2013] I defended my Ph.D. thesis on April 29, 2013. Here are the slides of my final defense.