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  Interests : Multi-Robot Path Planning, Cloud Robotics.
  Publications : Ratijit Mitra and Indranil Saha, “Online On-Demand Multi-Robot Coverage Path Planning,” (Submitted).    
    Ratijit Mitra and Indranil Saha, “Scalable Online Coverage Path Planning for Multi-Robot Systems,” in IROS, 2022.
    Suraj Sharma, Azad Kumar Patel, Ratijit Mitra, and Reeti Jauhari, “Reinforcement based optimal routing algorithm for multiple sink based wireless sensor networks,” in ICACNI, 2016.    
    Ratijit Mitra and Suraj Sharma, “Proactive Data Routing Using Controlled Mobility of a Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Networks,” in CEE, 2018.    
  Reviewer : IEEE RA-L      
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  Research Intern Research Assistant Senior Programmer  
  June 2019 – July 2019 July 2016 – December 2016 March 2011 - June 2013  
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  Ph.D. (CSE) M.Tech. (CSE) B.Tech. (CSE)  
  [Supervisor : Dr. Indranil Saha]      
2017 -   Present
2014 - 2016 2007 - 2011