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Summer of Code (SOC) 2018

On the final day of the CSE@IITK Summer of Code (SOC) 2018 106 first year students from CSE and other departments patriating in the program, showcased 23 projects with demonstrations and poster presentations. The idea was conceived by Prof. TV Prabhakar, and Prof. Sandeep Shukla. Nutanix, and UPSIDC sponsored the student stipend, and Microsoft Azure partnered to provide cloud support. The basic idea was to impart an experience in developing a cloud based web-application that can be accessed through android or any webapp. The event was judged by an eminent panel of five CSE faculty - Dr. Nitin Saxena, Dr. Nisheeth Srivastava, Dr. Biswabandan Panda, Dr. Debadatta Mishra, and Dr. Pramod Subramanyan.


Based on the judges' decision, 3 projects out of the 23 projects were awarded as top projects. All projects were however excellent. The first prize was bagged by the team "Saviour" and members were Aniket Sanghi (CSE), Naman Gupta (CSE), Yasharth Bajpai (Chemical Engineering), Tanmay Yadav (Chemistry), Saurav Kumar (EE). The project, "Paperless Attendance" came second with members Garimella Mohan Raghu (EE), Vutnoori Vamshi (AE), Chindirala Sasank (Mathematics), Dumalwad Anup Badjirao (CSE), Kumar Gourav Songara (CSE). The third winner was team Bliss with members Keshav Bansal (EE), Himanshu Pandey (Chemistry), Ayush Tharwani (CSE) and Mhd Saquib Hussain (CSE). The first and third teams were mentored by C3I center's Mr. Anand Handa, and the second project was mentored by C3I center engineer Mr. Rohit Negi. The video clips for all the 23 projects can be accessed from the website Link: https://soc.cse.iitk.ac.in/. Prof. B. V. Phani, Dean of Resources and Alumni addressed the students in the closing ceremony and advised the students on entrepreneurship opportunities within IIT Kanpur, and how the students could take their projects further into the entrepreneurial direction.