Biswabandan Panda

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Learner and Researcher (a.k.a. member of faculty) exploring the path to enlightenment

Office: KD 203@CSE-IITK

Member of CAR3S group


Research interests: Computer Architecture for performance and security

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I will be joining CSE@IIT Bombay on May 1, 2021. If you want to join CAR3S for your Masters/Ph.D@IITB, please go through the research interests, notes, and publications for further details and talk to group members/me.

  • [Nov. 2020] Vishal's Seclusive Cache accepted at DATE 2021.

  • [Sept. 2020] Saurabh's STDNeut accepted at CANS 2020.

  • [June 2020] Three years at CSE@IIK. Gratitude:Awesome mentees and some of my awesome colleagues.

  • [March 2020] COVID-19 induced life-less IITK :(

  • [March 2020] Bouquet of spatial prefetchers at the prestigious ISCA '20.

  • [August 2019] Papers at HASP '19, DPC3@ISCA '19, WOOT '19, and PACT '19.

  • [June 2019] Winner of 3rd Data Prefetching Championship at ISCA '19.