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Admissions to the Post Graduate program at IIT Kanpur

Heads up: Post graduate admissions for December 2015 will be held on 5th and 6th December

GATE waiver: Final year students from CFTIs are eligible. See the announcement.

Welcome to the admissions webpage. The department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Kanpur offers a unique opportunity for pursuing higher studies, whether it is M.Tech or a Ph.D. Some of the reasons why you should consider joining our department is

  1. Flexible course structure: Our post graduate program places the emphasis on electives and thesis. For students who want to refresh their basics, we do have a few introductory courses mainly to make up for gaps in their knowledge.

  2. Good research facilities: State of the art laboratories, active faculty and research groups make our department an ideal place to do a masters or a Ph. D.

  3. Excellent job opportunities: Besides the excellent track record in campus placements, some of our department’s alumni are leading figures in academics and industries both in India and abroad.

  4. Vibrant campus life: IIT Kanpur is known to have a vibrant campus life with a good dose of extra-curricular activities, culture and music. We are not too far from some interesting places to visit in India. Read more…

Announcements (Read all 15)

Oct, 2015

The new M.S program

The Institute Senate has approved a new M.S program. While the program is not just for Institute sponsored candidates, admissions will be offered this winter only for candidates who are working in Institute projects. Candidates are required to submit a letter of support from the respective Project Investigator.

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Sep, 2015

Ph. D candidate selected in an interim interview.

An interim interview conducted on 5th Septermber 2015 and the following candidates have been selected for Ph.D under the Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme. Congratulations to you.

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Sep, 2015

Headsup: Ph. D admissions, December 2015

Heads up: Ph. D admissions for the winter session will be on 5th and 6th of December. Please book your tickets.

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Jul, 2015

Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme.

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY), Government of India has approved 15 Ph.D positions in our department under the Visvesvaraya Ph.D scheme in the broad area of IT and electronics.

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May, 2015

PG Admissions: Final results

A hectic admission season is over. We now have the final results for this season.

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May, 2015

PG Admissions: Screening test results.

The results of the screening test is now available.

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May, 2015

PG Admissions: Seating arrangements for the screening test

The seating arrangement for tomorrows screening test is given below. Please confirm your seats at the venue. You need to report for the test at least by 8:15. The test will start at 9:00 in the morning.

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Apr, 2015

PG admissions May session: Shortlist

We have shortlisted the candidates who are being called for test and interviews. See the bottom of this announcement for the list

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Apr, 2015

M. Tech admissions, Direct offer.

Given below is the list of candidates whom we have made a direct offers based on their GATE score and performance in their qualifying exam. Congratulations to you all.

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Mar, 2015

Hike in TA-ship.

Good news, we will be paying you more soon.

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