Post Graduate Admissions

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur

Women applicants who will be accompanied by one parent should first report to the hostel alloted to them. At the hostel, depending on whether the parent is father or mother -- he/she will be instructed to report to the appropriate hostel (For mothers it should be GH-1, and for fathers it should be Hall 5. However, based on availability this may change). Please note that all applicant and accompanying parent need to bring their minimal bedding.

Only those candidates for MS, M.Tech and Ph.D admissions during May 6-8, 2016 who have registered through the google form link provided will be allowed to sit for the exam/interview. In order to double check whether your name is registered, you must check the following links: (These links will also show you your hostel allocation, and your seating allocation during the first exam.) Note: There will be no exceptions made to the rule -- no registration through google form links made available to candidates means no test/interview. Please do not request for an exception.

  • MS applicants should check here if they will be allowed in the test/interview. More information for MS applicants is available here.
  • M.Tech applicants should check here if they will be allowed in the test/interview. More information for M.Tech applicants is available here.
  • Ph.D applicants should check here if they will be allowed in the test/interview. More information for Ph.D applicants is available here.
All candidates who are allowed to appear in the test/interview for the various admissions for the different degree programs will also receive individual emails with the instructions, and a campus map.

Please note that if you did not register yourself confirming your appearance in the exam/interview by May 1st, 2016 as instructed by multiple email communications, our call for tests/interview to you is considered voided, and you will not be allowed to sit for the exam. We have not made arrangements for your seat at the exam halls or at the computer labs, and hence it will be impossible to accommodate any exceptions. So please check the above links before you travel to Kanpur.

Welcome to the admissions webpage. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Kanpur offers a unique opportunity for pursuing higher studies, whether it is M.Tech or a Ph.D. Some of the reasons why you should consider joining our department is

  1. Flexible course structure: Our post graduate program places the emphasis on electives and thesis. For students who want to refresh their basics, we do have a few introductory courses mainly to make up for gaps in their knowledge.

  2. Good research facilities: State of the art laboratories, active faculty and research groups make our department an ideal place to do a masters or a Ph. D.

  3. Excellent job opportunities: Besides the excellent track record in campus placements, some of our department’s alumni are leading figures in academics and industries both in India and abroad.

  4. Vibrant campus life: IIT Kanpur is known to have a vibrant campus life with a good dose of extra-curricular activities, culture and music. We are not too far from some interesting places to visit in India. Read more…