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Inflections in Computing

Inflections in Computing

A lecture series in honor of Hari Sahasrabuddhe, a pioneer in Computer Science Education in India to be delivered by people who have made pioneering advances in the theory and practice of computing.

Any field of human endeavor is typically punctuated with major shifts in principles and metaphors that apply. Often these changes can be attributed to individuals, who through their insight and enterprise bring about paradigmatic changes in the theory and practice of that domain. This lecture series is intended to bring the young minds at IIT Kanpur in contact with such pioneers in the domain of computing, for interaction, understanding and inspiration.

The lecture series is sponsored by Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy, a distinguished alumnus of IIT Kanpur

Lecture 1 : Advances in Compilers in Last 40 Years by Frances E. Allen, 2007.
Lecture 2 : When Biology is Computation by Prof. Leslie G. Valiant, 2008. [Poster]
Lecture 3 : The Power of Abstraction by Prof. Barbara H. Liskov, 2009. [Poster]
Lecture 4 : The Unexplained Success of Heuristic Algorithms for NP-Hard Combinatorial Optimization Problems by Prof. Richard M. Karp, 2010.
Lecture 5 : Physarum Computations by Prof. Kurt Mehlhorn, 2012. [Poster]
Lecture 6 : Homotopy Type Theory by Prof. Steve Awodey, 2015. [Poster] [Slides]

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