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Master of Research (MS) Program

Proposal for MS Type I program in CSE


Justification for MS Type I program:

CSE department has had great difficulty in attracting good quality research engineers in their projects for a very long time now. Most graduates prefer to take up jobs after they graduate so candidates who come for project appointments are overwhelmingly those who have been unable to get a job. Such candidates are usually very weak and it takes several months before such engineers become productive in the project. Often, very soon after their skill sets have improved such people apply for and get regular jobs and leave the project. The MS-type I program will be a huge help for CSE projects where one can develop a high quality pipeline of research engineers in a project where the fresh and experienced engineers are simultaneously present. This should significantly improve project outcomes. We are asking for 10 seats in this program with at most 5 supported from institute resources.


Details about MS Type I program from CSE


Structure of program:

Total minimum credits: 144
• Minimum 36 credits of PG course work – all electives. Additional course work may have to be done if recommended by the thesis supervisor/DPGC. This may extend the duration of the degree.
• Minimum 108 credits of thesis.

DPGC. This may extend the duration of the degree.

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