Bicycle Birding: Raigopalpur Mandhana Kursauli 4 May 2010

this early may morning, atul and i ventured out from mandhana to raigopalpur and back along the canal via kursauli. though it was nearly summer, it was a great day for birds.

i7579w_pond-heron i7580w_pond-heron
the innocent looks of the pond heron is deceptive

a pond heron intent on catching breakfast

p-09w_woolly-necked-pair_sarus-lapwing-egret i7596w_woolly-necked
we ran into some woolly-necked storks, along with sarus crane, red-wattled lapwing and a cattle egret.

i7590w_woolly-necked i7598w_stork_beaks-open
the woolly-necked stork looks around with its big black eye, checking out the waters.

a bronze-winged jacana says hello to the lapwing

looks like an immature jacana?

an amaltas in gorgeous display

i7617w_silverbill i7622w_silverbills i7626w_silverbill
indian silverbills: always to be seen around manish tripathi's rice mill

white-breasted kingfisher

two male peacocks, displaying for a troop of peahens

i7638w_openbill-asian i7642w_openbill i7643w_openbill i7646w_openbill
pair of asian openbill on the canal

yours sincerely on his dauntless steed... photo by atul tripathi

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