Bicycling to Pokhara (plus water-rafting)

This tour was organized at rather short notice... only two of us could go... Binoy Raveendran on his BSA ACT-110 (the best Indian geared bike!) and Amit Mukerjee on a Trek-3700.

Itinerary: Lumbini-Tansen-Pokhara-Fisling-Mugling-Narayanghat-Chitwan National Park
September 15 to 19, 2011

The plan: we have five days altogether; so the plan is to drive down to the nepal border at sunauli. cycle down and around lumbini. now, check up on route via tansen to pokhara - google maps shows a large part of this road as missing, so we aren't too sure. if road is in good shape, cycle to tansen (1.5 days). else, cycle along highway via bharatpur (nArAyanghAT) and mugling to pokharA (two days). for the boring stretches, go in the car (blue); rest bicycling (yellow) or water-rafting (red).

map of the lumbini-pokhara-narayanghat area. click for hi-res image.

terrain map with our various routes. the main cycling day was tansen to pokhara. the main rafting day (day 4) was fisling to 5km-point (distance from mugling). side bicycle tours to lumbini and chitwan national park.

out of pokhara, try to come back via some other route.

also, try to get in some serious water rafting - the rivers near pokhara are pretty sharp - maybe near mugling. ...

in other words, an opportunistic plan, try to maximize experience based on what turns up...

that was the plan...

what we finally ended up doing: lumbini, chitwan, pokhara, water rafting.

total distances: bicycle: 270km, car: 180km, raft: 25km.


* [ day 1: lumbini-tansen]
* [ day 2: tansen-pokhara 120km]
* [ day 3: pokhara]
* [ day 4: fisling-rafting-nArAyanghAT]
* [ day 5: chitwan]

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