varun saumyen and amit did a run along the canal route, which we had not explored for some time since it is often broken during the monsoons. we rode down to chaubepur on gt road, turned E towards sivli, and caught the canal at pratappur just after vidya bhawan.

the canal route was over grown with long bulrushes, and riding through those was a fantastic experience. the place was alive with birds.

red-whiskered bulbul - in the bulrushes near pratappur. right: white wagtail at lodhar

canal-trail - a relatively easy part of the trail. north of this point, we were literally shouldering aside the long thick stems of kAsh as we pedaled along a narrow path.

this ring-necked dove was sharing a tree stump with a hoopoe and a couple of small birds that looked like silverbills. right: the hoopoe seems to be chasing off the spotted dove

a sandpiper rooting around the edge of the canal - near pancham purwa. right: three kingfishers in a row. this year i saw that stakes like these had been put at a number of spots along the canal, no doubt by enterprising fishermen. these are just upstream from the hansapur pool.

i am sure the kingfishers thank humans for being so thoughtful as to put such useful perches on the stream....

fruit-bats hanging from a tree. this particular tree has hosted a bat colony for many years. right: cormorant sitting on a stake at another point in the canal.

hoopoe rooting about on the grass by the canal.

pied kingfisher. pied-kingfisher display.

pied-kingfisher at a rupture on the canal... pied-kingfisher on a wire above the canal at lodhar

sandpiper rooting in the mud along the canal - near kursauli .

the intrepid trio - amit varun saumyen

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