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CS 665: Artificial Intelligence

CS 665: Artificial Intelligence

Course Contents:

Approaches to artificial intelligence.

Search: state space, and/or and game tree search.

Production systems: design, implementation and limitations, case studies. Knowledge representation: semantic networks, predicate calculus, structural/causal networks.

Current issues: inference control, theorem proving, deduction, truth maintenance, planning. Case study of one or more examples from natural language processing, question answering, vision, expert systems, etc.

Philosophical issues.

Books and References:

E. Charniak and D. McDermott.Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Addison-Wesley, 1985.

E. Rich.Artificial Intelligence, McGraw-Hill, 1983.

J. Sowa.Conceptual Structures, Addison-Wesley, 1984.

AI Courseware by Prof. Mukerjee