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CS 639: Program Analysis, Verification and Testing


Discrete Mathematics (CS 201), Data Structures and Algorithms (CS 210), Theory of Computation (CS 340)

Course Contents

The long yearned dream of establishing the correctness of programs has cata-pulted program analysis, verification and testing into the league of the one of the most exciting research areas. This course aims to impart the students a grasp of the theoretical fundamentals of the subject; alongside, it also intends to provide them a purview of the practise via the study of some of the modern verification and testing tools.


Following is the outline of the proposed course:

  1. Dataflow Analysis;
  2. Interprocedural Analysis: functional, call-string and graph reachability based approaches
  3. Abstract Interpretation;
  4. Weakest Precondition, Floyd-Hoare Logic, Separation Logic;
  5. SoftwareModel Checking: symbolic execution, state-space reduction, state-less model checking, counter-example guided abstraction refinement, model checking of concurrent programs
  6. Program Testing: program testing basics, automatic test-case generation, directed testing.


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