Research Papers from the Department in the year 2012-13

Research papers published in Journals

  • , The work is primarily about the combinatorics of a new generalization of the Eulerian polynomials developed using integer partition theory..

Research papers published in Conferences

  • , We present a novel solution to the problem of robotic grasping of unknown objects using a machine learning framework and a Microsoft Kinect sensor. Using only image features, without the aid of a 3D model of the object, we implement a learning algorithm that identifies grasping regions in 2D images, and generalizes well to objects not encountered previously. Thereafter, we demonstrate the algorithm on the RGB images taken by a Kinect sensor of real life objects. We obtain the 3D world coordinates utilizing the depth sensor of the Kinect. The robot manipulator is then used to grasp the object at the grasping point., Doha, Qatar.