Some Recent Publications

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  2. 2. Estimating Frequency Moments of Data Streams using Random Linear Combinations (RANDOM '04).
  3. 3.A Hybrid Algorithm for Estimating Frequency Moments of Data Streams.
  4. 4.Distributed Set Expression Cardinality Estimation with Abhinandan Das, Minos Garofalakis and Rajeev Rastogi (VLDB '04).
  5. 5.Join Distinct Aggregation over Update Streams with Minos Garofalakis, Amit Kumar and Rajeev Rastogi (PODS '05).
  6. 6.Practical Algorithms for Tracking Database Join Sizes with Deepanjan Kesh and Chandan Saha (FSTTCS '05).
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  11. 11.On Estimating Path Aggregates over Streaming Graphs with Barna Saha (ISAAC '06, long version).
  12. 12.CR-precis: A deterministic summary structure for update data streams, with Anirban Majumder.
    Conference version (ESCAPE 2007).
  13. 13.On Estimating Frequency Moments of Data Streams with Graham Cormode. (RANDOM '07).
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  17. 17. Finding frequent items over general update streams with Abhayendra N. Singh and Satyam Shankar (SSDBM 2008).
  18. 18.Data Stream Algorithms via Expander Graphs (ISAAC 2008).
  19. 19.Distributing Frequency-Dependent Data Stream Computations (CATS 2009).
  20. 20. "Deterministically Estimating Stream Frequencies (COCOA 2009).
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  22. 22. On Estimating the First Frequency Moment of Data Streams" with Purushottam Kar
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