Recent Publications

  1. Metropolis Algorithm for solving Shortest Lattice Vector Problem (SVP), accepted at 11th Intnl. Conf. Hybrid Intelligent System (HIS 11), December 2011. (With Ajitha Shenoy K B and Piyush Kurur). final draft pdf
  2. Protein Folding Challenge and Theoretical Computer Science, (Keynote speech extended abstract), Proc. 2nd IEEE Intnl. Conf. on Computation and Communication Technology, Allahabad, September 2011, pp xi--xv. final draft pdf
  3. Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Success of the Metropolis Algorithm for Optimization, Proc. ACM GECCO 2010, July 2010, pp 1417 -- 1424. (With Swagato Sanyal and S Raja) pdf file
  4. Computing Single Source Shortest Paths using Single-Objective Functions, Proc. 10th ACM Conf. Foundations of Genetic Algorithms, January 2009, pp 59--66. (With Surender Baswana, Benjamin Doerr, Tobias Friedrich, Piyush Kurur and Frank Neumann)
  5. Story of a Discovery, Book chapter in Science, Literature and Aesthetics, ed. Amiya Dev, Vol XV Part 3 of History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, Gen. ed. DP Chattopadhyaya, Centre for Studies in Civilizations, pp 25--42, 2009. final draft pdf file
  6. RAM Simulation of BGS Model of Abstract State Machines, Fundamenta Informaticae, 77(1-2), pp 175--185, 2007. (With Comandur Seshadhri and anil Seth) pdf file of conf. version
  7. Universality for Nondeterministic Logspace, Proc. Intnl. Conf. Languages, Automata Theory and Applications (LATA 2007), pp 103--114 (2007). (with Vinay Chaudhary and Anand Kumar Sinha). old version pdf file
  8. Evolution and similarity evaluation of protein structures in contact map space, Proteins: Structure, Function, and Genetics, May 1, 2005, Vol 59, 2, pp 196 -- 204. (With Nitin Gupta and Nitin Mangal). draft pdf file
  9. Modeling gene regulatory network in fission yeast cell cycle using hybrid Petri nets, ICONIP 2004, Springer LNCS 3316, pp 1310-1315. (With Ranjith Vasireddy).
  10. Primality and identity testing via Chinese remaindering, Jl. of ACM, 50(4), pp 429-443, 2003. (with Manindra Agrawal).


  1. Two Characterizations of Success of Ergodic Markov Chain Families for Combinatorial Optimization, Swagato Sanyal and SB. pdf
  2. Effect of increasing the energy gap between the two lowest energy states on the mixing time of the Metropolis algorithm, Apurv Nakade and SB. pdf

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