Time Dec 17
730pm - Welcome Dinner
[Guest House Lawn]

All talks were held in classroom CS 101 in Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Summary of Schedule

Time Dec 18 Dec 19 Dec 20
845-9am Welcome Address by
Prof. S.G. Dhande, Director IIT Kanpur
9-1020 Algorithms-I
9-950 Yossi Matias
[A decade of synposes: personal perspective] Talk
950-1020 Amit Chakrabarti
[Estimating Entropy (and its friends) over Data Streams] Slides   Talk
Geometric Streams
9-950 Piotr Indyk [Streaming Algorithms for Geometric Problems]
Slides   Talk
950-1020 Christian Sohler [Clustering Dynamic Data Streams] Slides  Talk
Graph Streaming
9-950 Sampath Kannan
[Graph Properties in the Streaming Model] Slides Talk
950-1020 Surendra Baswana
[Streaming Algorithms for Graph Spanners] Slides   Talk
1020-1050 Coffee
1050-1200 1050-1120 Sudipto Guha
[Order, Information and Streams] Slides Talk
1050-1120 Pankaj Agarwal
[A Space-optimal Algorithm Data Stream Algorithm for Coresets in the Plane] Slides Talk
1125-1155 Subhash Suri
[Fishing for Patterns in (Shallow) Geometric Streams] Slides Talk
1050-1120 Stefano Leonardi
[Counting Triangles in Graph Stream] Slides   Slides
1125-1155 Srikanta Tirthapura
[Random sampling, Range-efficiency, Distributed Streams] Slides Talk
12-2pm Lunch
Session 3   Low Space Algebra
2-250 Ravi Kannan
[Sampling in Massive Matrices, Tensors] Slides Talk
250-320 Michael Mahoney
[Sampling Algorithms and Coresets for Lp regression and applications] Slides Talk
2-250 Andrew McGregor
[Stochastic Streams] Slides Talk

250-340 S. Muthukrishnan
[Massive Data Analysis: What is under the hood?] Slides  Talk
2-250 Lower bounds
T.S. Jayram Slides   Talk
250-325 Nicole Schweikardt
[Machine models for stream-based processing of external memory data] Slides   Talk
  320-350 Coffee 340-410 Coffee 330-4 Coffee
Session 4   Systems: Database and Networking
350-440 Divesh Srivastava
[Streams, systems and scalability] Slides   Talk
445-515 Rajeev Raman
[Data in Motion] Slides   Talk
Compressed Sensing
410-5 Graham Cormode
[A Concise Survey of Compressed Sensing] Slides   Talk

5-530 Martin Strauss
[One sketch for all: Fast algorithms for compressed sensing] Slides   Talk
530-Discussion Session
Open Problems Document
by Andrew McGregor
Algorithms -III
4-430 Ravi Kumar
[Story of Distinct Elements] Slides   Talk
430-5 Sivakumar
[Multi-pass Sketching] Talk
5   Vote of Thanks
730- Dinner
Guest House Lawns
Workshop Dinner
Guest House Lawns