Satyadev Nandakumar


Algorithmic Information Theory (Kolmogorov complexity) (03D32, 68Q30), Computability and Complexity in Analysis (03D78), Dynamical Systems (37XX)

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Research Publications

Students Ph.D.  M.Tech  B.Tech  Post-doctorate  

Courses CS 687:    Algorithmic Information Theory
IDC 608: Computability Theory (co-taught with Ashutosh Kumar)
CS 744:   Pseudorandom Generators
Seminar:  Information Theory and Ergodic Theory
CS 350:    Principles of Programming Languages. [Archive]
CS 601:   Mathematical Fundamentals
CS 698D:  Special topics in data compression
Math 404A:    Analysis II
ESO 209:  Probability & Statistics. [Tutor in Sem II 2010-11]
ESc 101:   Fundamentals of Computing.


Ph.D. in CS, Iowa State University, 2009, under Jack Lutz  (academic genealogy)
M.S.  in CS,  Iowa State University 2003
B.Tech CSE, Regional Engineering College Calicut, University of Calicut, 2000 (rechristened NIT, Calicut.)

Contact Room 312
Department of Computer Science and Engg.
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. PIN - 208016

Phone +91 (512) 259-7619


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