In Reverse Chronological Order.
  1. G. Saketh To be decided.
  2. Prannay Khosla Topics in Resource-bounded analysis, 2018.
  3. Himanshu Shukla On time-bounded Kolmogorov Complexity, Surge 2015.
  4. Kundan Krishna On the Ehrenfeucht-Mycielski Sequence, SURGE 2014.
    (Winner of the Dr. Elizabeth and Varkey Cherian prize for the best SURGE project, 2014.)
  5. Aman Sharma On an unproven lemma of Turing, December 2013.
  6. P. Chaitanya Prasad Distributed Interview Scheduler in Android, December 2013.
  7. Nagandla Chandana. Heuristics for solving the Rush Hour puzzle, December 2013.
  8. Rishi K. Singh, Abhishek Ranjan. Distributed Algorithms in Erlang, December 2013.
  9. Tanvi Soni, Surge 2013. Towards Bounds for Constructing Absolutely Normal Numbers.
    (Winner of the Dr. Elizabeth and Varkey Cherian Prize for best Surge Project, 2013)
  10. Abhishek Verma, Vikas Munda, CSE, May 2013.
    Distributed Data Mining in Erlang
  11. Gaurav Sharma, Rajat Damachya, CSE, May 2013.
    Analyzing Burrows-Wheeler Transform using Markov Chains.
  12. Monit Kanwat, Hari Shanker, CSE, May 2013.
    On Burrows-Wheeler Transform as a Similarity Metric.
  13. Abhishek Kumar, Ajay Kumar Meena, CSE, May 2012.
    Effective Recurrence Theorems.
  14. Chintan Pandya, EE, May 2011.
    About the balance conjecture of the Ehrenfeucht-Mycielski sequence.
  15. Santosh Kumar Vengappalli, CSE, May 2011.
    Finite-state dimensions of Liouville Numbers.
  16. Nikhil Raghu, CSE, May 2011.
    Jointly supervised with Somenath Biswas.
    Quantifying Pseudorandomness of Distributions using Betting Games
  17. Parimi Krishna Chaitanya, CSE, May 2011.
    Jointly supervised with Kritika Venkataramani. (No final report submitted.)