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PhD Students

  1. Chavhan Sujeet Yashavant (In Progress)
  2. Nimisha Agarwal (In Progress)
  3. Umair Z Ahmed, Automatically Generating Problems and Solutions for Intelligent Tutoring Systems, (Jointly with Dr Dr Sumit Gulwani) (Graduated in August 2019) [PDF, 1.7M]
  4. Prasanna Kumar K. (IIT Bombay), Dependence Analysis of Functional Programs and its Applications, (Jointly with Dr Prof Amitabha Sanyal) (Graduated in Apr 2019) [PDF, 1.5M]
  5. Vishwesh Jatala, Hardware and Software Optimizations for GPU Resource Management, (Graduated in Dec 2018) [PDF, 2.1M]
  6. Vibha Patel, JolokiaC++: An Annotation Based Compiler Framework for GPGPU, (Jointly with Prof Sanjeev Kr Aggarwal, Prof Harish Karnick) (Graduated in Feb 2015) [PDF, 1.8M]