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PhD Students

  1. Nimisha Agarwal (In Progress)
  2. Umair Z Ahmed, Automatically Generating Problems and Solutions for Intelligent Tutoring Systems, (Jointly with Dr Dr Sumit Gulwani) (Submitted in March 2019)
  3. Prasanna Kumar K. (IIT Bombay), Dependence Analysis of Functional Programs and its Applications, (Jointly with Dr Prof Amitabha Sanyal) (Graduated in Apr 2019) [PDF, 1.5M]
  4. Vishwesh Jatala, Hardware and Software Optimizations for GPU Resource Management, (Graduated in Dec 2018) [PDF, 2.1M]
  5. Vibha Patel, JolokiaC++: An Annotation Based Compiler Framework for GPGPU, (Jointly with Prof Sanjeev Kr Aggarwal, Prof Harish Karnick) (Graduated in Feb 2015) [PDF, 1.8M]