Artificial Intelligence Project Reports

  1. Reinforcement Learning: Active Learning in an Unknown Environment. Amit Nagpal / Mohan Kishore
  2. This project aims to play the "Wumpus Game", defined in the book, where a player has to go into a small space and find gold chunks while avoiding dangerous pits. The agent will "learn" its way by using Reinforcement Learning (Chapter 19).

  3. Intelligent Agents for Air to Ground Combat Amitanand Nema / Santhosh Kalva
  4. Here the idea is to design an agent that will "fly" a simulated airplane in a flight simulator. Behaviours will include targeting a moving object on the ground and correcting the targeting from previous rounds.

  5. Design of a fuzzy logic controller with GA learning - Anirban Chakrabarty
  6. This proposal attempts to balance a stick in simulation using fuzzy logic the parameters to which are learned using GA.

  7. Adaptive Design using Genetic Algorithm - Anjan Goswami
  8. This project uses shape grammars to model shape classes. This grammar (ie. the shape class itself) can now be optimized using GA to bring out better designs.

  9. Sa-re-ga: An Automatic Printed Music Recognition System - Debabrata Dash / Sandeep Jain
  10. This project proposes to scan in a music score in the western notation and then generate the corresponding music on a computer interface (Q. for the midterm: What is MIDI?).

  11. Automatic generation of commentary for soccer games - Deepayan Chakrabarti
  12. There is an existing robot soccer simulator which simulates soccer games. This program will take output from this in terms of robot position and motion etc, and generate english commentary for the soccer action.

    The report contains a number of online links to robot soccer sites. You can also try the information here.

  13. Gait Learning - Koushik Chakraborty / Manpreet Singh
  14. Here the objective is to train a multi-legged creature to walk, in simulation of course...

  15. Understanding Spatial Prepositions - Kshitij Gupta / Siddharth Nautiyal
  16. Experiments are to be performed to determine what the typical user understands by "in front of" "left" "besides" etc.

  17. Visual Vehicle Tracking - Manish Kumar / Rajeev Gupta
  18. Analyzes a video stream of traffic and identify the motions of individual vehicles across the scene.

  19. Multi-Agent Interaction Simulation World - Mukul Gupta
  20. This proposal proposes to make simple 3-D faces that can respond to direct and situational cues by changing their graphical expression (on a simple 3D face).

  21. Evolutionary Morphing with Facial Expressions - N P Chanchal / Vikram Singh Negi
  22. Changing the pixel image of a face to reflect various expressions. Uses Genetic Algorithms (GAs) for performing the changes more effectively.

  23. Shape Modeling using Genetic Algorithms - Sankalp Upadhyay
  24. Given a raster binary image, segment the image into regions corresponding to oriented rectangles, or to an axis model. This is done using GA's -- both the number of components and their positions are determined using GA.

  25. Virtual Model of a Dancer controlled by Vision - -- Soumyadeep Paul.
  26. A dancer's limb motions are analyzed using a camera. These can then be recreated in a different form - e.g. wearing a different dress.

  27. Generating Car Behaviours in a Petrol Pump - V Jeyakumar
  28. This simulates the behaviour of a human car driver in a petrol pump.

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