Artificial Intelligence Project Reports

  1. Object Recognition through Curvature Scale Space : Gunjan Agarwal and Siddhartha K Goel.
    By considering the curvature changes at different scales, salient characteristics of a shape can be captured.

  2. English Language Parser using HPSG : Rajat Bhattacharjee and Mahim Mishra.
    Builds a parser for English based on the Head Mounted Phrase Structured Grammar.

  3. Document Recognition using Interval Algebra : Rohit Singh and Ankur Lahoti.
    Interval algebra deals with one dimensional intervals. In this work it is used to relate the spatial relations in X and Y between rectangular blocks in a document.

  4. Learning to play Table-Tennis - A Reinforcement Learning Approach : Anshuman Rai and Sudipta N Sinha.
    Effectiveness of different actions in the course of a Table Tennis game are used to reinforce (or de-emphasize) the actions. Despite the large memory spaces demanded by the problem, the system is often able to move the paddle so as to be able to return the ball.

  5. A Vehicle that follows Natural Language Directions : Ambarish N Gupta and Rakesh.
    Simple spatial directives are to be used to command a robot.

  6. Supervised Learning of Optimal Goal Scoring Behaviours for a Simulated Soccer Environment : Sreangshu Acharyya.
    Attempts to learn the probabilities of success in scoring goals in different situations using a radial basis neural network.

  7. 3-Dimensional Geometry from Multiple Views Maneesh Varshney, Mitul Saha, and Priyank Porwal.
    Uses Epipolar Geometry to efficiently identify corresponding points in two views. Starting from presumed matches at corner pixels, the fundamental matrix is identified.

  8. Text Clustering, Sankalp Singh and Amit Jain.
    This iterative process winnows down a set of possible keywords for categorizing any class of documents. Document clusters with top keywords are displayed and users can choose to explore subclusters.

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This index of on-line Project Proposals from the course Artificial Intelligence in Engineering (ME 768) is a hyperlink to the online proposals prepared by the students in the course. December 1998.

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