About seven months into my career as a member of the faculty at IIT Kanpur, I realized that my worst fears had come true. I had transformed into a full-fledged Powerpoint warrior.1

Anyway, I am told that a warrior "finds love in what he does," so to put that advice into practice, I've decided to archive the talks that I give here.

  1. Modeling and Verification of Security Properties of Hardware and Software Systems
    Invited talk at the SAT/SMT winter school
    Dec 2018
  2. Logic Locking: Current Trends, Attacks and Future Directions
    Tutorial with Ujjwal Guin at the VLSI Design Conference
    Jan 2019
  3. Reverse Engineering for Security
    Invited talk at DUHDe 2019
    Mar 2019

1Defined as someone who spends more times making slides than writing code!