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Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur UP 208016 India

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A theme central to our research is software engineering (SE) and software architecture (SA). We investigate several areas in systems from SE and SA perspective.




Amrita Chaturvedi
Ontologies in Software Architecture

Ashish Agrawal
Software architecture on Cloud platforms

Balwinder Sodhi
Software architecture on Cloud platforms

Prabhakar, T.V.

Saurabh Srivastava
Software Engineering and Architecture, Microservices, Cloud Computing

Sumit Kalra
Machine learning, Big data analytics, Mobile and Cloud computing

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Agropedia is a digital knowledge repository with the open platform for learning and sharing information related to Indian agriculture. The content is semantically catalogued and easy to find. This agricultural encyclopaedia is being designed as a sub project of the knowledge management initiative of National Agricultural Innovation Project( in support of agriculturalextension and outreach.


Agrotags was envisaged as a collection of terms that would be used to tag digital information objects (DIOs) in the agriculture area. The main aim is to normalize tagging process in order to make more efficient and simpler searching and provide most efficient resources to the user.
Agrotags's pedigree has been Agrovoc - the agricultural thesaurus from FAO. The ongoing efforts to enrich Agrovoc to ontology is widely known (AIMS website). Agrovoc is also working on mapping onto leading thesauri such as NAL, CABI and MeSH, this provides documents tagged with Agrotags rich interconnection with documents tagged with other thesauri. The inherent power of Agrovoc to convert a term into 19 languages provides an added advantage. Applications built using Agrotags as an assisting-knowledge layer would have greater reach.
The advantages offered by a semantically-tagged knowledge repository for agriculture was already ascertained by efforts such as the agropedia. Agrovoc has provided the glue for the semantic inference in this endeavor.


CQL is a query language for cloud platforms