CS681 - Computational Number Theory & Algebra (Sem II, 2016-17)



Books, LectureS

Book, Algorithmic Number Theory (Lattices, Number Fields, Curves and Cryptography), Edited by Joseph P. Buhler and Peter Stevenhagen.

Book, Modern Computer Algebra, von zur Gathen & Gerhard.

Book, Algorithmic Number Theory, Bach & Shallit.

Book, Finite Fields, Lidl & Niederreiter.

Course, Algebra and Computation, Madhu Sudan.
Course, Computational Number Theory and Algebra, Manindra Agrawal.

Online Stuff

Computational number theory, algebra.

Open problems, Adleman & McCurley.

History: Algebra.

``Nowadays we can do computer experiments using Mathematica, and even solve a system of 42 equations. This offers another route to knowledge, rather than mere ideas.''

-- John F. Nash, Jr. (ICM 2002 public lecture).