CS681 - Computational Number Theory & Algebra (Sem II, 2016-17)


Instructor: Nitin Saxena

TAs: Sumanta Ghosh

Office: RM 203

Lectures: Tue, Fri (12-13:15); KD103

Office Hours: TBA

Email: nitin [at] iitk . ac . in


Algebra plays an important role in both finding algorithms and understanding the limitations of computation. This course will focus on some of the fundamental algebraic concepts that arise in computation and the algebraic algorithms that have applications in the real life. The course will cover the problems of fast integer (or polynomial) multiplication (or factoring), fast matrix multiplication, primality testing, computing discrete logarithm, polynomial identity testing, etc. The course intends to introduce both basic concepts and practical applications.

Prerequisites: Theory of Computation, Algebra.

Text Book: Victor Shoup, A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra (http://shoup.net/ntb/).


  End Sem Exam due on 29-Apr-17 (10am).
  ExtraTalks this month.
[25-Feb-17]  MidSem Exam deadline on Sat, 04-Mar-17.
  Course began on Fri, 06-Jan-17.