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CSE department activities

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Creating Technocrats, Scientists, Teachers and Entrepreneurs
Research & Development

Access to the latest and pioneering advances in technology with the aim of acclimating students to the innovations in the scientific community.


Providing a rigorous and world-class academic experience with the help of distinguished faculty, amazing peer-groups and carefully designed coursework.

Campus Life

The campus community forms a close knit group and you make friends for life here. The campus, the people and this life has made a stronger and confident person.

The Institute has a rich heritage of technological and scientific innovation imbibed with the spirit of professionalism & a radiant culture.

About IITK

Established under the IIT Act in 1959
Inspiring Excellence and Innovation Since 1959

IIT Kanpur is a prestigious institute of higher learning producing meritorious students with excellent career growth and universal recognition. The students go to get the best of opportunities in the form of highly advanced courses, eminent faculty members, well-equipped laboratories, library, hostels and immense facilities to excel in research and development.

The selection procedure for students at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level is highly stringent so that IIT gets the best brains of India.

Highly scientific and innovative technology is used for teaching and conducting research activities.Every year IIT Kanpur is enriched by the laurels brought by the faculty members and the students in the form of research publications, projects, fellowships and industrial exposure.

  • Students

    A diverse mix of some of the brightest minds of the country.

  • Acres Campus

    An eco friendly campus equipped with world class facilities.

  • Departments

    A holistic curriculum comprising of Science, Engineering and Humanities.

  • Centers of Excellence

    State-of-the-art infrastructure and laboratories.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The first department in India to start Computer Science education. It started in August 1963 with an IBM 1620 system - a novelty then, even in many North American and European universities. The department runs BTech, MTech and PhD programs and is engaged in cutting edge research with sponsored projects and consultancies. Following are some of the special interest groups and workshops/conferences at CSE, IIT Kanpur.

Special Interest Group on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, was born out of an effort to bring together people interested in areas of Theoretical Computer Science.


Software Engineering and Systems Research - A theme central to our research is software engineering (SE) and software architecture (SA). We investigate several areas in systems from SE and SA perspective.


A newly formed reading group for discussions related to cutting-edge research on topics like computer architecture, operating systems, compilers, and programming languages.


Special Interest Group in Data is a forum for discussion on topics in Databases and Data Mining. It is an endeavor to bring together people who share interest in databases and discuss latest developments and research problems.


Special Interest Group on Machine Learning of Computer Science , was born out of an effort to bring together people interested in areas of Machine Learning, Data Mining and related fields.


Indian Workshop on Machine Learning is intended to be a high quality, single track event that includes tutorials, invited talks by leading researchers from both the academia and the industry as well as presentations for refereed abstracts.


The aim of this mini-symposium is to highlight the role of computation and optimization in the modern day problems in the sciences and engineering. The speakers are researchers working in various areas of computation and optimization and their applications.


Indian Conference on Logic and its Applications is a forum for bringing together researchers from a wide variety of fields that formal logic plays a significant role in, along with mathematicians, philosophers and logicians studying foundations of formal logic in itself. A special feature of this conference is the inclusion of studies in systems of logic in the Indian tradition, and historical research on logic.


The International Conference on Algorithms and Discrete Applied Mathematics (CALDAM) is intended to bring together researchers working in the areas of algorithms and applied discrete mathematics and provide a high-quality forum for the dissemination and discussion of research results in these broad areas.


Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science conference is a forum for presenting original results in foundational aspects of Computer Science and Software Technology.


Workshop on Side Channel Analysis Based Cyber Threats and Mitigation Techniques aims to provide a pretty in-depth introduction to the various topics in side-channel analysis, attacks, and counter measures from world experts who have made fundamental contributions to this field, and who have been teaching courses on this topic, carrying out research projects, and graduating multiple doctoral students on this topic.


MEMOCODE's objective is to emphasize the importance of models and methodologies in correct system design and development, and to bring together researchers and industry practitioners interested in all aspects of computer system development, to exchange ideas, research results and lessons learned.


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