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CS698N: Recent Advances in Computer Vision

Gaurav Sharma (Sem I, July-Nov 2016-17)

Computer Vision has rapidly progressed in recent years and is starting to appear in products used in day to day life. The progress has been driven by both improvements in algorithms and computing resources. Knowledge of such methods and technology is valued both in industy and academia.

In this course, we will look at topics in at least three exciting sub-areas of research in Computer Vision among the following.

The course would contain a significant project component addressing some of the main problems in computer vision. The course would aim to equip the students with a moderately advanced understanding of vision problems to prepare for a career oriented towards industrial or academic research.

The students wishing to participate in the course should have good foundations in basic maths and probability. Good programming skills are also required for the project. Knowledge of machine learning or willingness to learn the basics quickly are also needed.

EE698G-- Probabilistic Mobile Robotics

Gaurav Pandey (Sem I, July-Nov 2016-17)

This will be an advanced course on theory and applications of probabilistic methods and algorithms for autonomous mobile robotics. This course will introduce to the students the state-of-the-art algorithms for robot vision (using a variety of sensors: cameras, lasers etc), recursive state estimation, mapping, localization, and path planning. There will be regular programming assignments that will help students to apply the theory learned in the class into some practical applications.

EE 604: Digital Image processing

Tanaya Guha (Sem I, July-Nov 2016-17)

Visual perception, sampling and quantization, spatial filtering, frequency domain filtering, image restoration, image compression, image segmentation, image representation and description.

Undergraduate projects and Masters' thesis

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