Welcome to the homepage of the Special Interest Group on CRYptography, Security and Privacy at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur! SIGCRYSP, the dedicated study group delves into the multifaceted realms of cryptography, security, and privacy, aiming to unravel the intricacies that safeguard digital landscapes.

The inception of the Special Interest Group on Cryptography Security and Privacy in Computer Science was driven by a shared passion for the intricate realms of Cryptography, Security, Privacy, and their interrelated fields.

This initiative seeks to unite individuals who harbor enthusiasm for Symmetric Cryptography, Asymmetric-key Cryptography, Quantum Cryptography, Post-quantum Cryptography, Threshold Cryptography, Hardware Security, Computation on Encrypted Data, Secure Multi-Party Computation, Privacy Preserving Machine Learning, Cyber Security etc.. The objective is to foster a collaborative environment where participants can engage in discussions about the latest advancements and explore research opportunities.

The group endeavors to curate a platform for problem-solving sessions, seminars, research days, workshops, and guest lectures, creating a dynamic space for the exchange of ideas and the pursuit of knowledge. This website serves as a testament to the group's progress, featuring abstracts of lectures delivered by distinguished speakers associated with SIGCRYSP, along with additional reference materials. Together, let us propel the frontiers of knowledge in the diverse dimensions of Cryptography and its practical implementations.

Let's explore and contribute to the advancement of a secure digital era. Please fill up the form.

Upcoming Talk

  • Talk on "Cryptanalysis of some Lattice-based Assumptions" by Dr Dipayan Das, a PostDoc at the CISPA-Helmholtz Center for Information Security in the group of Antoine Joux, on 24th November 2023 (Friday) at 15:30 Hrs in KD-101.