CS 601

This page holds the notes and homeworks for the probability part of the CS 601 course. The list of topics include:

  1. Definitions - Sample Spaces, Probability, Probability Induced by Random Variables. Expectation and Variance. Independence and Pairwise independence. Expectation and Variance of independent random variables.
  2. Discrete distributions - Geometric, Bernoulli, Hypergeometric, Negative Bernoulli. Expectations.
  3. Indicator Random Variables and their uses in analysis of probabilistic algorithms - an introduction.
  4. Tail Inequalities - Markov, Chebyshev, Chernoff Bounds. Central Limit Theorem (optional).
  5. Bayes' Theorem


Notes (Draft, Nov 9 2017)


Homework (Due November 16, 2017)

Recommended Books

I have taken the material for the course from

I recommend doing the exercises in these sources.