Assistant Professor, RM202 (Rajeev Motwani Building),
Department of Computer Science and Engineering ,
IIT Kanpur, Kanpur 208016, India.

Phone: 6210. If outside IITK, please add +91-512-(679/259/392).

E-mail: rmittal @iitk .ac .in .


Quantum Computing, Computational Number Theory, Computational Complexity.

Selected articles ( Complete list )

Tight Chang's-lemma-type bounds for Boolean functions; with S. Chakraborty, N. Mande, T. Molli, M. Paraashar and S. Sanyal FSTTCS 2021 arxiv
On algorithms to find p-ordering; with A. Gulati and S. Chakrabarti CALDAM 2021 arxiv
Counting basic-irreducible factors mod p^k in deterministic poly-time and p-adic applications; with A. Dwivedi and N. Saxena CCC 2019 arxiv
Irreducibility and deterministic r-th root finding over finite fields; with V. Bhargava, G. Ivanyos and N. Saxena. ISSAC 2017 arxiv
Characterization of binary constraint system games; with R. Cleve. ICALP 2014 and QIP 2014 arxiv
Quantum query complexity of state conversion; with T. Lee, B. Reichardt, R. Spalek and M. Szegedy. FOCS 2011 and QIP 2012 arxiv