Dr. Phalguni Gupta

Director, NITTTR Kolkata [On Deputation]
Professor, CSE Department, IIT Kanpur

Ph.D. M.Tech.

PhD Students


Sumesh T.A.Watermarking

PhD Thesis Submitted

Ph.D. Student


Kamlesh Tiwari Title: Some Efficient Techniques to improve Fingerprint based Recognition System [IIT Kanpur], 2016
Puneet Gupta Title: Fingerprint, Vein Pattern and Hand Geometry based Multi-biometric Authentication Systems, [IIT Kanpur], 2016
Aditya Nigam Title: Multimodal Biometric Recognition Using Iris, Knuckleprint and Palmprint [IIT Kanpur], 2015
Saiful Islam Title: Some Highly Undetectable Stagnographics Techniques [IIT Kanpur], 2014
Manish Bajpai Title: Parallel Architecture based Fast Algorithm for Tomographic Reconstruction using Algebraic Reconstruction Methods,[Jointly with Prof. P. Munshi], 2013
S. Gupta Title: Two Efficient Biometric Systems: Face Invariant to Pose and Palm Vein Pattern, [UPTU Lucknow] [Jointly with Prof. Vinay K. Pathak], 2013
Mohit Soni Title: Utilizing the Pattern of Veins from the Palma Dorsa as a Biometric Trait, [UPTU Lucknow] [Jointly with Dr. M S Rao], 2013
Umarani Jayaraman Title: Efficient Indexing Techniques Suitable for Certain Physiological Characteristics Based Biometrics Systems [IIT Kanpur], 2013 (pdf)
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G. S. Badrinath Title: Some Efficient Palmprint based Recognition Systems. [IIT Kanpur], 2012 (pdf)
Dakshina R. Kisku Title: Design of Certain Robust Unimodal and Multimodal Biometric Systems for Human Identification [Jointly with Prof. J. K. Sing][Jadavpur University], 2011 (pdf)
Vandana D. Kaushik Title: Certain Efficient 3D Image Processing Algorithms [UPTU Lucknow], 2011 (pdf)
Malay Kishore Dutta Title: Design and Analysis of Some Watermarking Algorithms for Audio Signals [UPTU Lucknow], 2011. (pdf)
Karm Veer Arya Title: Certain Efficient Registration and Recognition Algorithms with Application to Face Biometrics. [IIT Kanpur] [Jointly with Prof. P. K. Kalra], 2007 (pdf)
Ashwini Kush Title: Optimization of Routing Protocols for Ad hoc Networks [Kurukshetra University], 2006 (pdf)
R. Ramakrishnan Title: Algorithms on Image Pre, Post and Distributed Processing for Sources of Errors in the Remotely Sensed Images [UPTU Lucknow], 2005 (pdf)
Puneet Tandon Title: Geometric Modeling. [Jointly with Prof. S. G. Dhande], 2003 (pdf)