CS345 - Algorithms II  (Sem I, 2019-20)


Instructor: Nitin Saxena

TAs: Pranav Bisht, Ashish Dwivedi, Abhibhav Garg, Nikhil Shagrithaya, Abhimanyu

Office: RM203

Email: nitin [at] iitk . ac . in

Lectures: M, W, F (9-10) ; RM101

Office Hours: TBA

Other: Please see Below


This is a mid-level course in algorithms for under-graduate students only. We will study basic paradigms prevalent in algorithm design. Namely-- recursion, greedy, dynamic programming, amortization and reduction. These will be defined and exemplified by a great number of natural examples. The course focus will be on creative theoretical concepts and proofs. However, these methods are cornerstones of the practice of computer science & engineering as well.

Prerequisites: Basics of computation models, basic math.

Text Book: Dasgupta & Papadimitriou & Vazirani, Algorithms (McGraw-Hill)
                   Kleinberg & Tardos, Algorithm Design (Pearson)


[16-Sep-19]  End-Sem Exam on Sun(9am-12pm), 17-Nov-19, L20(OROS).

[11-Sep-19]  Quiz 4 on Fri, 01-Nov-19, L18(OROS).
[02-Sep-19]  Quiz 3 on Fri, 04-Oct-19, L18(OROS).
[02-Sep-19]  Mid-Sem Exam on Tue(8am-10am), 17-Sep-19, L20(OROS).
[23-Aug-19]  Quiz 2 on Fri, 06-Sep-19, L20(OROS).
[16-Aug-19]  Quiz 1 on Mon, 19-Aug-19, L7(OROS).
[23-Jul-19]    Course begins on Mon, 29-Jul-19.