CS201: Mathematics for Computer Science - I (Sem I, 2016-17)


Instructor: Nitin Saxena

TAs: Amit Sinhababu, Pranav Bisht, Ashish Dwivedi, Pulkit Kariryaa.

Office: RM 203

Lectures: Mon, Thu (12-1pm), Fri (5-6pm); RM101

Office Hours: TBA

Email: nitin [at] iitk . ac . in


The aim of this course is to learn discrete mathematics. It is the study of mathematical structures which are discrete (elements take finite values as opposed to continuous structures). It is very difficult to find a branch in computer science & engineering which does not use discrete mathematics.
    We will be covering five main topics-- proofs, combinatorics, graphs, probability & number theory. The emphasis will be to learn different concepts and techniques used to prove theorems in computer science. The course will be full of puzzles and examples.

Text Book:  - There is no single textbook. See Links .


[07-Nov-16] EndSem on Mon, 21-Nov-16 (9a-12p) in L7ERES.
[28-Oct-16] Quiz on Thu, 03-Nov-16 in L7.
[30-Sep-16] Quiz on Thu, 06-Oct-16 in L7.
[03-Sep-16] MidSem on Sun, 18-Sep-16 (1-3pm) in L7.
[03-Sep-16] Quiz on Thu, 08-Sep-16 in L7.
[18-Aug-16] Quiz on Sat, 20-Aug-16 in L7.
[08-Aug-16] Quiz on Thu, 11-Aug-16 in L7.
[26-Jul-16] Course begins on Thu, 28-Jul-16.