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Work Experience

(Dec 2010 - present)
Ganga River Basic Management Plan (GRBMP)
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Working on the Project sponsored by Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India.
Principal Research Scientist
(Sep 2008 - Nov 2010)

Visiting Faculty
(Sep 2008 - Nov 2010)
LNM Institute of Information Technology (LNMIIT) Jaipur

Conducting R&D through sponsored research projects, as well as guest lectures in Environmental Sciences for the B.Tech. students.
Senior Research Scientist
(Dec 2005 - Sep 2008)

Senior Project Scientist
(Jan 2003 - Nov 2005)

Project Scientist
(Nov 1997 - Dec 2002)
Facility for Ecological and Analytical Testing (FEAT)
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Conducting R&D through sponsored research projects, involved in chemical analysis of all kinds through small testing projects, and handling/upkeep of the advanced equipment at FEAT.
Visiting Scientist
(Jan 1997 - Jul 1997)
Chemistry Department
Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA

Worked with Professor Alan S. Goldman on the development of a new low-racemization method for the synthesis of sterically hindered amide bonds, using Tantalum Chloride as promoter.
Project Scientist
(Feb 1995 - Nov 1996)
Department of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Project: " Substituted Indanones and Tartaric acid Derivatives as Novel Endothelin Receptor Anatagonists, " sponsored by Ranbaxy (India) Limited, New Delhi.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Javed Iqbal.

Synopsis: A novel methodology for the synthesis of b-phenylisoserine derivatives using cobalt catalyzed epoxidation and opening reactions, was developed. A library of potential compounds were synthesized and screened. Some of them were identified for use as potential drugs.
(Apr 1994 - Aug 1994)
Department of Chemistry
K. B. Post-graduate College, Mirzapur

Taught Organic Chemistry.

Sponsored Projects

Sanghi, R., " Novel Bio-synthesis of CdS Nano-particles by Immobilised Fungus , " Internation Foundation for Science, IFS Sweden, (USD 12,000) 2008-2010.
Sanghi, R., " Chitosan templated novel nanocomposite silica biomaterials , " Fast Track proposal for Young Scientist, Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC), Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi, (Rs. 20 lakhs) 2007-2010.
Sanghi, R., " Seed Gum Polysaccharides for the Decolorisation of Textile Dye Solutions , " TWAS, Trieste, Italy, for research grants in basic sciences, (US$ 4,000) 2006-2008.
Singh, V., and Sanghi, R., " Green Nanocomposites from renewable resources: Biopolymer silica hybrid materials , " Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi, (Rs. 24 lakhs) 2006-2009.
Sanghi, R., " Environment-friendly approach to fungal bioremediation of dyes and heavy metals from industrial effluents , " IFS Sweden (US$ 10,300) 2005-2007.
Iyengar, L., Pandey, A., and Sanghi, R., " Decolorisation and Biodegradation of 4-ABS containing azo dyes under microaerophilic-aeobic conditions , " Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi, (Rs. 6 lakhs) 2005-2007.
Iyengar, L., Sanghi, R., and Pandey, A., " Isolation of Bacterial Communities Degrading amino aryl sulfonates , " UPCST, Lucknow, (Rs. 2.72 lakhs) 2004-2006.
Sankar, N., and Sanghi, R., " Environmental Monitoring of Pesticide residues and Heavy Metals in and Around Kanpur, UP, India, " ProVention Consortium's program for Applied Grants for Disaster and Risk Reduction funded by Disaster Management Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in collaboration with the World Bank (US$ 5000), July 2003-Dec 2003.
Sanghi, R., " Decolorisation and Degradation of Azo Dyes using White Rot Fungal Microbes, " under Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC), Fast Track proposal for Young Scientist, (Rs. 10 lakhs) 2002-2004.
Sharma, M., Verma, N., and Sanghi, R., " Indoor and Ambient Air Exposure of PAHs and Fine Particulate to Women and Children: Health Impacts in terms of Mortality and Morbidity Rates, " under the IND 040: Indo-Norwegian Institutional Cooperation Programme (ICP), NORAD (Rs. 1.00 crore) 2002-2004.
Sanghi, R., and Vankar, P.S., " Study of Life Expectancy of Transformer Insulating oil for Railways, " Research Designs and Standards Organisation, Lucknow, (Rs. 6.8 Lakhs) 2000-2001.

Professional Services and Memberships

Co-Editor of Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment.
Life member, Society for Scientific Values.
Member, Indian Science Congress Association.
Member, Green Chemistry Network.

Academic Visits Abroad

Thailand (Chaingmai) 2009
Russia (Moscow) 2008
Nepal (Kathmandu) 2008
USA (Washington DC) 2006
Mauritius 2005
Italy (Trieste) 2004
Norway (Kjeller, Oslo) 2002
New Zealand (North Palmerston) 2002
Italy (Venice) 2001
Germany (Heidelberg) 1999
UK (Manchester) 1998
USA (New Jersey) 1996-1997

Workshops/Seminars Conducted

Green Chemistry for the Betterment of the Environment, under the aegis of Royal Society of Chemistry, London (North India Section) held at LNM Institute of Information Technology (LNMIIT) Jaipur on April 25, 2009.
Air Pollution Exposure Assessment and Health Effects, under the aegis of Indo-Norwegian Programme of Institutional Cooperation (INPIC), NORAD, Norway held at IIT Kanpur on May 25, 2002.
Seminar on Indoor Pollution in Relation to Human Health, an awareness campaign for media people for the public interest by International Pioneers club held at Host, Kanpur, 28 October 2001.
Annual Seminar of FEAT, held at FEAT, IIT Kanpur, 18 April 2000.
Ecological and Analytical Testing: International Standards and Economic Impact, held at FEAT, IIT Kanpur, 18 December 1998.
FEAT Laboratory and Eco-Testing at IIT Kanpur, for Eastern UP Exporters Association, held at Varanasi, 25 August 1998.
Need for Eco-testing for Carpet Exporters, for Carpet Manufacturers held at Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, Bhadoi, UP, 24 August 1998.
Standardization and Quality Management, held at IIT Kanpur, 3 July 1998, in association with Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi.
Introduction and Inauguration of FEAT, held at FEAT, IIT Kanpur, 9 February 1998.

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