Green Chemistry: Environment Friendly Alternatives

Editors: Rashmi Sanghi and M. M. Srivasatava

Publisher: Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi, and Alpha Science International.

Green chemistry is placed in the frontier areas of research and has been focused for considerable recent research. Green chemistry is not a new branch of chemistry; it is rather a thought process on existing and new tools, knowledge, and design of chemistry in a way that it contributes to the societal economy while protecting the environment and human health. It is a challenge for the chemistry community to take up work involving environment friendly substances and technologies. It is important that chemists develop new Green chemistry options. The need of a book providing an overview of the current status of chemistry for implementation of clean, eco-friendly and less wasteful manufacturing process for the sustainable development of our country is increasingly realized. The present book is an attempt to provide an insight for these options. The present book is the presentation of 17 in-depths reviews from eminent professors, scientists, chemists and engineers from educational institutions, research organizations and chemical industries, introducing a new emerging green face of multidimensional chemistry. The book addresses different topics under the domain of " Green Chemistry " like Introductory aspects, Alternate approaches to solvent chemistry, Environment friendly Green techniques, Alternative wastewater treatment technologies and Step change technologies for exploiting Green Chemistry. The book is aimed for general reading for students at all levels of science, chemists, industries, environmentalists, bio-technologists, microbiologists etc. The aim of the book is to provide a common platform to the technologists, industrial managers and environmentalists to discuss the emerging trends in environment management and evolve sustainable management strategies to solve the burning environmental problems.

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