Sanjeev K Aggarwal
Poonam and Prabhu Goel Chair Professor

Ph.D., IIT Kanpur (1987)
M.Tech., IIT Kanpur (1981)
M.Sc., University of Delhi (1979)

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Kanpur - 208016, INDIA
Email: ska AT iitk DOT ac DOT in
Voice: +91-512-2597614, 2597638
Fax: +91-512-2597586, 2590725


Research interest: Program Analysis for improving quality of code for multi-core and other advanced processosrs, program analysis for improving and checking quality of code. Related area of research are: High Performance Computing, Compilers for High Performance Architectures including Multicore Processors, Compiler Design, Code Optimization, Programming and Scheduling on Grid/Cloud, and Application of Language Processing Technology in Tools for Software Engineering.

Teaching interest: Compiler Design, Advanced Compiler Design, Compilers for Multicore Architectures, Programming languages, Software Engineering


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Associate Editor IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing

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