"If you believe too much you'll never notice the flaws; if you doubt too much you won't get started. It requires a lovely balance."

-- Richard W. Hamming


February, 2020: Paper on the blockchain-based skill evaluation tool SkillCheck gets accepted in IEEE ICBC. Congratulations to Jay.

January, 2020: Paper on the peer-grading tool SwaGrader gets accepted in CoDS-COMAD. Congratulations to Somu, Ayushi, and Shubham.

February, 2020: A change in the plan of offering CS711: "Game Theory and Mechanism Design" -- this will now be offered in the autumn semester (July-December) of 2020. If you have already filled the form for the summer, I'll give you a priority if you want to register for this course in the July semester.

January-April, 2020: Teaching Computer Networks.

May, 2019: Press coverage of our work on surprise in elections.

May, 2019: Garima's (PhD student) second paper gets into IJCAI. Congratulations again!

May, 2019: Garima (PhD student) is traveling to Montreal to present her paper in AAMAS. Congratulations Garima!

January-April, 2019: Flown an A380, said differently, taught ESC101: Fundamentals of Computing. The crew after landing it successfully.

August-November, 2018: Taught Introduction to Game Theory and Mechanism Design.

January-April, 2018: Taught a new course, Selected Areas of Mechanism Design.

December 15, 2017: Co-organized a workshop on Computational Social Choice Theory at IIT Kanpur.

August-November 2017: Taught Topics in Game Theory and Collective Choice.

July 2017: Joined the department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur.

Received the Fulbright-Nehru Post-doctoral Research Fellowship for the duration 2015-17.

July - November, 2014: taught a course Scientific Computing using Python at ISI Delhi.

December 17, 2013: defended my thesis!

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