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Sumit Lahiri

CS Ph.D. Student @IIT Kanpur. Full Stack & Blockchain Developer. Software Architect @PingTrader & @Pluto-Office

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About Me

I love developing web-apps and architectures that solve real-life problems.

Hi There! I'm Sumit Lahiri

I am a full stack developer working with Node.js, Python, Golang or modern C++ applications. I am currently pursuing Ph.D. in CSE Dept. at IIT Kanpur in the area of Program Verification and Formal Methods under Dr. Subhajit Roy . I work on a array of software projects to enhance and learn more on modern development practices. Working on an awesome remote working virtual office app. I am the SW Architect for PingTrader app. I am extremely grateful to my previous guide Late Dr. Pramod Subramanyan for introducing me to the area of Formal Verification . I am also a Campus Lead at Slack

  • Date of birth:11-05-1993

  • Phone:+91-9123836199

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  • Research

HTML, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript
AWS, GitHub, Travis CD/CI
MERN/PERN Stack (React, Redux)
ASP.NET, Golang & TypeScript.
Azure, GCP, Firebase,
C++, C++ STLs, C, Python
Ethereum-Solidity, BTC & Hyperledger

Interest Portfolio

Below I have mentioned the things that I am most interested in. I had also developed a online movie & tv series watching website which is now privately owned by a company. (I sold it). Listed below are some domains of interest I usually work in. Please drop me a mail if you are interested to work with me on any of the below domains.

Frontend Development

Website frontends & Micro-UIs using React, Redux, Overmind & JQuery.

Backend Development.

Node.js, Python-Django, Golang & C++ frameworks.

Machine Learning

Reinforcement Learning & Data Analysis using SVMs, LSTMs & GNNs

Blockchain Apps

DApps using Solidity or IBM Hyperledger.

Formal Methods

Software Analysis & Verification. Program Analysis

Software Development

From Design to Development to Deployment

Have any project on mind?

I am always interested to work on new Web App development(MERN/PERN Stack) or software projects pertaining to program testing and verification. I contribute to OSS sometimes especially on Fridays. We attended the YC SUS 2020 (StartUp) session as Pluto-Office.

My Recent Works

Please Visit my Github Page for recent works. I am currently working on the PingTrader project. Contact me to discuss more.

Projects Worked On

VideoDB (Website & Andriod App)

Built a torrent based movie and TV series watching website. Site used by 2 million+ users accross the globe.


Build a React web-app around Jitsi tech stack for small online video conferencing.

SQL Query Demo

Test and run SQL Query to a remote MySQL database server. Demo for SQL Injection Hacks.


A deep Reinforcement Learning based project for training an agent against OHLC Trading Data. Pub-Sub architecture to send to pings to traders.

Wallet CLI

A command line API for fund transfer and transaction management for ETH & BTC.

Simplr Lang

Lexer & Recursive Decent Parser for a DSL in Scala, Z3, ANTRL4 and JavaScript.

Pluto-Office App

A virtual office application for quick communications using React, Electron, AGORA, WebRTC on a Node.js Backend

React Examples

A netlify app to demo cool React.js examples.


I have 2.5 years for work experience after my B.Tech. Below is a summary.


Mechanical Engineering

NIT Durgapur

Made a line follower robot using Arduino and OpenCV C++.

SAE Baja Co-ordinator

Developed a Ansys simulation viewer for Windows OS using Electron.js

Work Experience

Asst. Programme Manager

Tata Motors, Pune

Remote Solidity Developer

Golem, Warshaw

Full Stack Web Developer (Freelancer)

IIT Kanpur

Campus Tech Advisor & Expert


Teaching Assistant (Current)

Software Development & Operations

Full Stack Web Developer

Mozilla Club

Recent Blog Reads

I do write and read programming articles and SWE blogs. I have listed a few of the recent articles read by me. I found them quite interesting.


Refactoring Techniques

Design Patterns

CQRS Node.js

Medium Blog

One Pattern

Dean Hiler (Twitter)

Testing in Production

Cindy Sridharan

Stuff the Internet Says..


Blogs Written

I wrote a few Blogs back in the day regarding C++ and JS Stuff. I am trying to up my game here.


Tail Recursion

C++ Gist

Starting Z3Py

Constraint Solving

Get In Touch

Best way to discuss something is to have a chat over a hot cup of coffee. Please reach me below.


Hall 4, C301 IIT-Kanpur, Kalyanpur, Kanpur-208016


+91 90073 42270