Archaware: A Software Architecture Documentation Tool

Directions for Usage:
(Tested with: Eclipse SDK 3.4.0, GEF + draw2d 3.4.1)


  1. Download the Archaware Plugin file and the XML Configuration file
  2. Place the Plugin file in your eclipse/plugins folder
  3. Extract the XML file in your eclipse/ folder. It should create a a subfolder in the eclipse folder called 'XML'
  4. You can Now Use the Tool by Launching Eclipse. You can see the Diagrams Provided under the 'Documentation Tool' catagory in File->New Wizard

Archaware (version 2.0):


  1. Download the Archaware2 Zip File
  2. Extract to a suitable Place at your Computer. A folder called 'archawareapp' is extracted
  3. Open archawareapp/eclipse/archaware.exe to start the tool
  4. The source code for the project as well as the compiled classed can be found here