Sanjeev Saxena is interested in efficiently solving problems and has concentrated on fundamental problems of interest to Computer Scientists and Engineers. These problems are in areas like, Sorting, VLSI, Data Bases, Computational Geometry, Graph Theory and Combinatorics.


`` Efficient VLSI Parallel Algorithm for Delaunay Triangulation on Orthogonal Tree Network in Two and Three Dimensions'', IEEE transactions on Computers, vol 39, no 3, 400-404, March 1990 (with P.C.P.Bhatt and V.C.Prasad).

``Processing Low Quality Information on Parallel Computers'', TRCS-91-133, October 1991, Computer Sc. & Engg., IIT, Kanpur (with Naveen Prakash)

``CPPE: A Concurrent and Parallel Programming Environment'', TRCS-92-141, March 1992 Computer Sc. & Engg., IIT, Kanpur (with T.Srikanth and R.K.Ghosh )

``Optimal Parallel Algorithm for Brooks' Colouring Bounded degree graphs in logarithmic time without concurrent writes'', TRCS-92-158, November 1992 Computer Sc. & Engg., IIT, Kanpur (with G.Sajith)

``Doubly-logarithmic time parallel algorithms for connectivity problems on an interval graph given its sorted order'', TRCS-93-186, June 1993 Computer Sc. & Engg., IIT, Kanpur (with N.Malahal Rao)

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Recent Papers:

K.N. Babu and S. Saxena ,``Parallel Algorithms for the Longest Common Subsequence Problem '', Proceedings of 4th International Conference on High Performance Computing, December 18-21, 1997

K.Jeevan Madhu and S. Saxena, ``Parallel Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problems'', Proceedings of Fifth International Conference on High Performance Computing, 17-20 December, 1998, Madras, India

Sanjeev Saxena, "Parallel integer sorting and simulation amongst CRCW models", Acta Informatica, Volume 33 Issue 7 (1996) pp 607-619

Sanjeev Saxena, "A Simple Introduction to Karmarkar's Algorithm for Linear Programming",viXra:1712.0528, December 2017

Sanjeev Saxena, "Ellipsoid Method for Linear Programming Made Simple ", viXra:1712.0407, December 2017

Kurt Melhlhorn and Sanjeev Saxena, "A Still Simpler Way of Introducing Interior-Point Method for Linear Programming",viXra:1411.0592, June 2016

Sanjeev Saxena, "A Simple Proof of Bernoulli's Inequality", viXra:1205.0068, May 2012


Sanjeev Saxena ,``Java for Scientists and Engineers'', Anamaya Publishers, New Delhi 2008.

Students who have recently worked with me:

Sajith G., Parallel Algorithms for Multiway Merging, Sorting and Graph Colouring, (Ph.D.) , April, 1998. (Present address: Professor, Computer Sc. & Engg, I.I.T., Guwahati)

Kousik Nandy. , Algorithms for Stable Marriage Problems and Finding Minimum Feedback Vertex Set in Butterfly Networks , March, 1999 (M.Tech.) (Now with CISCO India)

V Yugandhar, Algorithms for Floodlight Illumination and Pattern Matching Problems , October, 1998 (M.Tech.)(Now with Mentor Graphics)

K. Jeevan Madhu, Parallel Algorithms for some Optimization Problems , May, 1998 (M.Tech) (Now with Motorola India )

K. V. R. C. N. Kishore, Parallel Algorithms for Some Graph Problems , April, 1998, (M.Tech.)(Now with Int. Instt. Inform. Tech., Hyderabad).

Prince Francis, Distributed Leader Election Algorithms , February, 1998 , (M.Tech) (Now with Wipro Infotech)

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