Title: Few selected problems in image processing and computer vision

Speaker: Simant Dube, New College of Florida

Date: 15th January, 2016
Time: 3:00pm
Venue: KD103


Last couple of decades have witnessed amazing progress in image 
processing and computer vision. We take a journey through this evolving 
landscape, visiting the following problems:
1) increasing the resolution of a digital image
2) image classification of protein crystal images
3) image classification of everyday objects
We also discuss how big data computing, large scale machine learning and 
computer vision are converging these days to create new technologies and 
to push the cutting edge further.


Since August 2015, Simant Dube is a faculty member at New College of 
Florida, the Honors college of Florida, where he is helping build 
college's inaugural Masters program in Data Science. Before August 2015, 
he worked briefly at Navdy, a startup in San Francisco on deep learning 
based solutions for face detection and gesture recognition in videos. 
Before Navdy, he worked in industry in the areas of computer vision, 
image processing, data analysis and statistics. Earlier in his career, 
he worked on fractal images and wavelets. He is also pursuing startup 
ideas in the field of computer vision. His current research interests 
are deep learning and computer vision.