Speaker : Dr Shailesh Kumar
Date : 5:30pm to 7:15pm on March 4th
VENUE : KD 101

TITLE: Teaching Machines - the Next Frontier of Artificial Intelligence

The Idea of Education - What we learn, How we learn, and Why we learn - is
going through a fundamental transformation today. The confluence of the
ubiquitously available Internet, proliferation of devices to access the
Internet, and progress in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are
going to power this impending paradigm shift in the way humanity teaches
its children.

One of the oldest dreams of AI was not just to build machines that can
learn, understand, hear, converse, and think like humans but also some day
teach like humans. These Teaching Machines could mimic some of the fundamental 
qualities of a great teacher and become learning companions for every child.

In this talk we will explore what it would take to go from
​machine learning to thinking machines to teaching machines*, what are some
of the challenges for AI to solve before we get there, and what all this
means for the future of education.

Dr. Shailesh Kumar is Chief Scientist and Co-founder at Third Leap, an AI
startup. He is also a visiting professor at ISB Hyderabad and IIIT
Hyderabad. He previously worked as an AI/ML researcher at Google, Bing,
Yahoo, and Fair Isaac. Dr. Kumar has over fifteen years of experience in
applying and innovating machine learning, statistical pattern recognition,
and data mining algorithms to hard prediction problems in a wide variety of
domains including: remote sensing, text mining, bio- informatics, computer
vision and image understanding, transaction data mining, retail analytics,
neurological data, risk analytics in financial domain, and web analytics.
He was recognized as a top 10 data scientist in India 2015 by Analytics
India Magazine.