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What     : Seminar Lecture on Entity Mining

When    : 15 March 2016 , 3;30 PM - 5:00 PM

Where  :  KD 301 (HRKD)

Who      : Dr. Manish Gupta (Senior Applied Scientist , Bing Team , MS IDC)

*Abstract *: Entity mining is a hot area of research. At Microsoft Bing, we
perform a large number of entity mining tasks which continuously populate
and use Bing's knowledge graph, Satori. The talk will be in two parts. The
first part will discuss a few entity mining tasks and their solutions: (1)
entity synonym discovery, (2) entity attribute discovery and augmentation,
(3) entity linking, (4) entity acronym expansion, (5) entity conflation,
and (6) entity actions. The second part will discuss how Microsoft applied
various entity mining algorithms for building the following applications:
(1) entity linking in the Microsoft Edge and Snapshots on Tap, (2)
extracting fictional character entities from books, (3) extracting disaster
event entities from Twitter, and (4) event entity linking for sports events.

*Speaker profile* : Manish Gupta is a Senior Applied Scientist at the Bing
team in Microsoft India R&D Private Limited at Hyderabad, India. He is also
an Adjunct Faculty at International Institute of Information Technology,
Hyderabad. He received his Master’s in Computer Science from IIT Bombay in
2007 and his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in
2013. Before this, he worked for Yahoo! Bangalore for two years. His
research interests are in the areas of web mining, data mining and
information retrieval. He has published more than 40 research papers in
reputed referred journals and conferences. He has also co-authored two
books: one on Outlier Detection for Temporal Data and another one on
Information Retrieval with Verbose Queries. ​

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