Abstract :
Dialogue Systems are taking over the world, the trend is so strong that
they will become part of our life just like Search engine did many years
back. In this interactive talk we will look at this trend, what is causing
this huge momentum, and what are various systems that are coming up. We
will briefly also talk about some of the high level components.

Bio :
Puneet Agrawal is Senior Software Engineer in Bing, Microsoft where he
created personality of Cortana, Microsoft's personal assistant across 13
different markets. Puneet has extensive experience working in domains of
search and web relevance, natural language understanding etc. Puneet
graduated from IIT Delhi (Computer Science and Engineering) in 2008 and
has been ever since working with the Bing team. He holds 2 patents from
USPTO and has 3 more pending approvals from patent office, all on web
search related fields. Puneet has been working on Cortana digital
assistant for the past 3 years and has built and shipped multiple dialogue
experiences. As part of this he has practical experience with building
multi-modal input systems for different kinds of form factors like phones,
desktops, tablets etc. He has worked in associated areas like Conversation
Understanding for a longer period of time.