Hey All,

We are a bit late but then we are really excited to release the list of
presentations for the event. We hope to see you in large numbers. The
poster is attached for your convenience.

Stuff to remember:
Event title : Machine Learning Research Day(MLRD)
Time : 10 am, 28th of August
Venue : RM101


Amartya Sanyal

On 16 August 2016 at 11:47:04 AM, Amartya Sanyal (amartya18x@gmail.com)

I am sorry for the error in the date. The dates are *28th of August* for
the main event and *20th of August* for Abstract submission instead of
September as mentioned. Thanks to Prof. Vinay P Namboodiri for pointing it

On 16 August 2016 at 11:37:14 AM, Amartya Sanyal (amartya18x@gmail.com)

Hello All,

We are organising the SIGML *MLRD(Machine Learning Research Day)*  on *28th
of September*.  It is meant to be a platform for showcasing your somewhat
recent work via a presentation or a poster. This can be something you have
done in your internship, UGP, as a hobby, a thesis or some other project.
The main motivation is to get to know what kind of work is being done by
other people in this institute related to the field of Machine Learning and
at the same time increasing interactions between the faculty and the
students. For some of us it might just be getting some exposure in the
field of ML by attending it.

To participate in the same, you will have to *prepare an abstrac*t and send
it to us soon. The deadline for *abstract submission is 20th of September*.
It should have a maximum of *500 words* and must be in pdf format. You will
have to upload it in some place on the web and provide the link to the same
in this form .

In case there is some problem with the date, I would request you to report
the same on the slack channel. The link for the same is given below.
Register and comment on the *#mlrd* channel. If there is some problem do
get back to me.

Slack Link : https://sigml-iitk.slack.com/x-69161099904-69186218449/signup

For clarifications you can reach out to us on our email ids.

Please note that you are welcome to send across abstracts for all kinds of
projects, short, long, published, unpublished and even extensive
implementation projects.


Lets make this a success.

Yours faithfully,
Amartya Sanyal