CS698F: Advanced Data Management

Instructor: Medha Atre, CSE, IITK

Prerequisites: UG level course in Database management, knowledge of SQL queries. Good knowledge of programming. Basic understanding of computational complexity. Some knowledge of computer networks is good but not a must.

Course syllabus:

With the growth of internet and Web 2.0 (user generated content), the amount of data to be handled has exploded in size, especially "graph shaped" data, that does not have a strict structure like relational data.

The main topics of the course contain:

-- Sources of big graph data on the web.
-- Semantic Web data (RDF graphs).
-- Contemporary (modern) techniques.
-- Distributed data management techniques.
-- Introduction to some theoretically and practically challenging problems in the graph data management.
-- A course project.

This course will give students knowledge of the cutting-edge data management techniques (e.g., used in industries or big research labs). It will give good hands on programming experience as a part of the course project and practical aspects of the big data management. Additionally, introduction to the open (challenging) problems can give directions of further research for the interested students.